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The PA Turnpike is dedicated to improving and maintaining our roadway to ensure safety for all who ride and work on it. We use innovative and trusted techniques to preserve America’s first superhighway for the best ride possible while ensuring we are ready for the future needs of the traveling public.

Driving Towards Success

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's (PTC) mission is to operate a safe, reliable, customer-valued toll road system that supports national mobility and commerce. To make this a reality, we adopted a Capital Plan Investment - $7 billion over ten years. This investment has enabled the completion of over 150 miles of total reconstruction of our system to date and we anticipate the completion of over 60 miles of additional total reconstruction projects within the next decade. The direct impact to our customers will be a better ride and better mobility. This reconstruction will enable future maintenance to occur with minimal disruption, while also having a positive economic impact on our neighboring communities.

Construction vehicles working on roadway

Major Design & Construction Projects

The map below highlights all of the major design and construction projects on the PA Turnpike. These projects contribute to the safety and mobility of our roadways and improve travel experiences for our customers. To learn more about a specific project, select the icon on the map or project title below. 

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Design & Construction

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Accelerated Bridge Construction

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Accelerated Bridge Construction

PTC Fiber Optic Network graphic

Accelerated Bridge Construction is an engineering innovation that employs groundbreaking planning, design and construction methods and materials in a safe, cost-effective way to reduce the time it takes compared to traditional bridge-replacement techniques. ABC has been shown to improve work-zone safety for construction workers and the traveling public.

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Open Road Tolling

New Gantry

The PA Turnpike is converting to Open Road Tolling (ORT).  It is a safer, more convenient, and more affordable way for our customers to travel.

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PTC Fiber Optic Network graphic

PA Turnpike Commission Fiber Optic Network

The PTC is in the midst of constructing large-scale fiber optic broadband network in the eastern part of the state to enhance its communications capacity. This broadband network will increase bandwidth and boost connectivity between the PTC’s administrative buildings and support automated tolling capabilities, among other advanced telecommunications applications for improved safety and mobility.

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Anticipated Lane Closures Due to Construction Projects

The following is a listing of anticipated lane closures on the PA Turnpike. Please note that these lane closures are noted for construction contract work only, and do not include closures that may be made by PTC Maintenance crews or others that may close a lane on an occasional basis.

Map of Turnpike Total Reconstruction Projects

Total Reconstruction Initiative

As part of our Statewide Total Reconstruction Initiative, we’ve already rebuilt 155 miles of roadway. Click here to see future projects that will provide a safer and more efficient travel experience for PA Turnpike customers.


Completed Projects

Roadway Projects

  • 1 mile of new roadway
  • 51 miles of resurfaced roadway
  • 5 slope projects
  • 2 cashless tolling conversions
  • 1 median barrier replacement

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Bridge Projects

  • 1 bituminous deck overlay
  • 1 bridge elimination
  • 17 bridge rehabilitations
  • 2 bridge replacements
  • 6 epoxy overlays
  • 1 latex concrete overlay
  • 5 new bridges
  • 1 new retaining wall
  • 2 substructure rehabilitations

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For Our Neighbors

Property Owners' & Tenants' Guide

Learn about the PA Turnpike Commission’s process of acquiring rights-of-way for new highway construction and roadway improvements.

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Under Construction

Learn what to expect during construction periods near your property.

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Work Zone Safety

PA Turnpike works to reduce zone speeds, change driver behavior, and improve work zone safety for workers and motorists.

Safety Measures

Clean Water

The PA Turnpike prioritizes how we handle stormwater runoff that comes from our roadways, service plazas, interchanges, and other facilities.

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