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Project Overview

Project Summary: This project includes reconstruction of the existing Sideling Hill Service Plaza, with extensive improvements to the parking lot, and the installation of a new trailhead.

Construction Start: May 2023

Construction Completion: May 2025

Project Total: $28.1 million

General Contractor: New Enterprise Stone & Lime, Co., Inc.

Construction Manager: Hill International, Inc.

Design Consultant: P. Joseph Lehman, Inc., Consulting Engineers

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is investing in improvements to the Sideling Hill Service Plaza (MP 172.4) under a $28 million project that will:

  • Expand parking for trucks, busses, and personal vehicles
  • Improve signage, lighting, and stormwater drainage
  • Relocate and upgrade its Farmer's Market Pavilion
  • Upgrade curbs and sidewalks
  • Construct a new Trailhead connection to more than 600 miles of trails within a 25-mile radius of the Plaza

The Sideling Hill Service Plaza, which is accessible to both eastbound and westbound Turnpike motorists, will remain open around-the-clock during construction that is underway from May 2023 until May 2025.

Sidling Hill Service Plaza is one of the Turnpike’s 17,  24-hour service plazas located along the more than 550 miles of the PA Turnpike at convenient intervals, including the Traveler Information Welcome Center located at the King of Prussia Service Plaza in eastern Pennsylvania.

Truck Parking Expansion Existing Plan

truck parking existing plan

Truck Parking Expansion Conceptual Plan

truck parking conceptual site plan

Improvements With the Traveler in Mind

We know stopping at the best service plaza for your needs along your route is important. Whether you’re craving a certain restaurant or need to charge an electric vehicle, we want to help you find the provisions that allow you to focus on traveling without worry. See the dining options, amenities, contact information, and local tourism resources for each service plaza here.

Inside one of the service plazas

Our mission is to operate a safe, reliable, customer-valued toll road system that supports national mobility and commerce. To make this a reality, we adopted a Capital Plan Investment - $7 billion over ten years. This investment has enabled the completion of over 150 miles of total reconstruction of our system to date and we anticipate the completion of over 60 miles of additional total reconstruction projects within the next decade. The direct impact on our customers will be a better ride and better mobility. This reconstruction will enable future maintenance to occur with minimal disruption, while also having a positive economic impact on our neighboring communities.

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