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The PA Turnpike provides you access to the best Pennsylvania has to offer, while making travel easy and less stressful.

Your Connection to Pennsylvania and Beyond

Traveling on the PA Turnpike is more than just driving. It's the best way to experience Pennsylvania, whether you're just beginning your journey or coming home. We're actively working to make your travel smoother, safer and stress-free, starting with giving you the tools to plan your trips effectively. Let us help you get the best out of America's first superhighway.

Active Travel Advisories

Driver Appreciation Days

We want to thank you for driving with us! Look for signs of our appreciation along the Turnpike, and watch personal Thank You messages from our own Pennsylvania Turnpike employees.

Thank You Messages

From IT to Maintenance, Engineering to HR, Turnpike employees say "Thanks!"

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Plan Your Trip

Make traveling the best roadway the best experience possible by planning your trip ahead. We offer resources to help you prepare so you can focus on enjoying the journey.

Road sign displaying tolling methods

What You’ll Pay

Calculate your customized cost for experiencing Pennsylvania with added amenities and no interruptions.

Visitors enjoying outdoor dining at service plaza

What We Offer

For efficient and comfortable travel, find out what 24/7 amenities are available at our 17 service plaza locations.

Trucks on PA Turnpike

Commercial Travelers

We want traveling on the PA Turnpike to be the easiest part of commercial drivers' travel. We offer resources for commercial trip planning including permitting, travel restriction information, commercial E‑ZPass resources, and more.

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Payment Options

You no longer have to stop at Toll Points. As you drive through a Toll Point with an E‑ZPass transponder, an antenna captures your trip information, calculates the toll, and deducts the cost from your pre-paid account balance. If you don't have a transponder, a camera will capture your license plate, and your bill will be mailed to the vehicle's owner.


Using E-ZPass is the simplest and cheapest way to travel on the PA Turnpike. Plus you could save nearly 60% on tolls by traveling with E-ZPass.

More About E-ZPass

Toll By Plate

We'll capture your license plate as you drive and send an invoice to the car's registered owner.

Learn About Toll By Plate

We partner with 511PA to help keep travelers safe.

511PA is a statewide travel information service that helps reduce congestion and improve safety on Pennsylvania roadways. They provide reliable traffic, weather, and transit information to travelers.

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Traveling Safely

We care deeply about the safety of our customers and our workers. We offer safety resources including:

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Traffic Rules and Regulations

Utilize our comprehensive library of rules and regulations to be a safer, prepared traveler.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Assist Patrol

GEICO Safety Patrol

The GEICO Safety Patrol provides First Responder services to motorists on the PA Turnpike, including traffic control, accident response, customer assistance, and more.

Car trouble

What to Do in an Emergency

We're prepared to support to all motorists who need emergency assistance while on our system, 24/7 365 days a year. Prepare yourself for safety with our guide.

Ramp Up for Summer Travel

Headed out on road trip? Whether you are going camping, visiting a tourist attraction, or headed to the beach, please prepare to do so safely this summer. Here are some tips and tools that can help as you travel on the PA Turnpike.

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Driving Towards Success

Our mission is to operate a safe, reliable, customer-valued toll road system that supports national mobility and commerce. To make this a reality, we adopted historic levels of Capital Plan Investment – $6.52 billion over ten years. This investment has enabled the completion of over 100 miles of total reconstruction of our system to date, and we anticipate the completion of over 150 miles of additional total reconstruction projects within the next decade.

The direct impact to our customers will be a better ride and better mobility. This reconstruction will enable future maintenance to occur with minimal disruption, while also having a positive economic impact on our community: Pennsylvania. 

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More Traveling Resources

Traffic Cameras

Get a snapshot of traffic conditions along your PA Turnpike route.

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Ramp Up for Travel

Driving safely is different season to season. Get resources for this season.

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Motorcade Guidelines

Ensure the safety of all travelers in and around motorcades by preparing well.

Motorcade Info

Traffic Engineering & Operations

Learn about our incident management operations protocol and teams. 

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