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If you have unpaid tolls with the PA Turnpike, you may be at risk of having your vehicle registration suspended. Effective August 4, 2017, Act 165 of 2016 allows the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to request the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to suspend the vehicle registration of any Pennsylvania motorist with unpaid PA Turnpike tolls and fees totaling $500 or more.

If you think your registration may be impacted, click the link below to access our unpaid balance look up system. You will need your license plate number to complete the look up.

Unpaid Balance Lookup

Payment to the PA Turnpike for all tolls and fees owed will ensure your vehicle registration remains in good standing. Payment plans are available.

If your registration is suspended, you will be responsible for payment of all outstanding tolls and fees to the PA Turnpike and will be required to pay a restoration fee to PennDOT. Take action now to avoid registration suspension.

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