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Maintenance of public confidence, integrity, and efficiency is a top priority for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC). The Commission's policies formalize the expectations of personal honesty and integrity required of Commission officials and employees.


Fraud and Abuse Tip Box

A Fraud and Abuse Tip Box operated by the Office of Labor Relations and Investigative Services is available to enhance awareness regarding the prevention and detection of any fraudulent or irregular activity.

Employees, the general public, and anyone doing business with the Commission can report suspected wrongdoing involving fraud or abuse.

You do not need to provide your name to submit your concerns. However, be advised that your Internet address will be submitted to us if you use email. All information will remain confidential. 

If you have an issue you wish to bring to our attention, you can contact the PTC Tip Box in the following ways:

  • Call the toll-free tip line at 717-831-7571
  • Write to the PTC Tip Box at:

    Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
    Human Resources Department
    Attn: Fraud and Abuse Tip Box
    P.O. Box 67676 Harrisburg, Pa 17106

Examples of such matters include:

  • Theft or abuse of Commission property or resources, such as supplies or equipment
  • Excessive or unnecessary purchases
  • Falsification of official documents, such as timesheets, travel vouchers, etc.
  • Contact fraud
  • Inappropriate expenditures and embezzlement

Please follow these instructions carefully: 

  • State circumstances about the incident. Include estimated loss amount and frequency of occurrence.
  • Provide the names of all individuals involved.
  • State any evidence that is available.
  • State any available documentation and location. (Copies of the supporting documentation may be enclosed or if emailed, send to the above address.)
  • Give the dates and times of the incident(s) occurred and where it happened.
  • Include names of any other credible witnesses.
  • If incident was previously reported, to whom and when.
  • Provide a password and use this password when requesting information regarding the case.
  • Your name, address, and phone number are optional.

All employees shall be afforded protection under the Act of December 12, 1986, known as the Whistleblower Law.


Advisory Committee Report

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June 18, 2019

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