Milepost 126-131

Traveling Construction Milepost 126-131

Milepost 126 to 131 - Reconstruction and Widening

Project Overview

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is reconstructing approximately 5 miles of the PA Turnpike (Milepost 126 to 131) in Somerset and Bedford Counties. Reconstruction includes widening and curve flattening on the Turnpike mainline, the replacement of one overhead bridge and two Turnpike mainline bridges, construction of a new access ramp bridge, and the rehabilitation of the Tunnel Road Arch structure. Also included is the New Baltimore Slope Remediation project located from Milepost 127.9 (Tunnel Road) to Milepost 128.7 (0.3 miles west of Findley Street) in Allegheny Township, Somerset County. The full depth roadway reconstruction and widening begins at Milepost 126.1 (2.8 miles east of the Allegheny Tunnel) in Allegheny Township, Somerset County and continues to Milepost 130.5 (1.5 miles east of the Findley Street overhead bridge in New Baltimore) in Juniata Township, Bedford County. At the west end of the project, shoulder reconstruction and drainage improvements on the existing Turnpike mainline start at Milepost 123.3 (east end of Allegheny Tunnel) and end at Milepost 126.1 (start of full depth reconstruction). All work is occurring within Allegheny Township and New Baltimore Borough in Somerset County and Juniata Township in Bedford County.

Upon completion of the full depth reconstruction project, the Turnpike will be widened to 122 feet. It will consist of 6 travel lanes (3 westbound and 3 eastbound) with a 26-foot median, and 12-foot outside shoulders. The overhead bridge at Findley Street has already been replaced and the New Baltimore Slope Remediation is complete.

Short-term detours of SR 3012 (New Baltimore Road) in Juniata Township and T-782 (Tunnel Road) in Allegheny Township are anticipated during the project.


Completed Construction Contracts:

  • Findley Street Bridge Replacement (New Baltimore Borough), Milepost 129.0 (Construction completed in 2014)
  • New Baltimore Slope Remediation project (Allegheny Township), Milepost 127.9 to 128.7 (Construction completed in 2017)

This project also involves constructing noise barriers along the westbound lanes at the town of New Baltimore as depicted in the noise report; constructing new stormwater facilities, retaining walls, culvert extensions and a stream mitigation site.


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