Milepost 316-319 Reconstruction

Traveling Construction Milepost 316-319 Reconstruction

Construction and Extension

Project Overview

Preliminary Design began in Spring 2012 on the future reconstruction and six-lane widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) between mileposts 316 and 319. The project begins just west of the Valley Hill Road overhead bridge (Milepost 316) and extends east to the the Route 29 Interchange (Milepost 320). The four-mile project corridor lies in Charlestown Township in Chester County.

An Open House Plans Display was held in May 2014 to introduce the Preliminary Design Plans to the public. At the time of the Open House the project limits extended from milepost 312 to milepost 319. Since this time the project has been divided into two projects (milepost 312 to milepost 316 and milepost 316 to milepost 319).

This project is in Final Design and upon completion will upgrade the existing four-lane facility to a six-lane facility (three 12-foot travel lanes westbound and three eastbound) with 12-foot inside and outside shoulders. Between 2010 and 2013, two overhead bridges, Valley Hill Road (SR 1021) and Yellow Springs Road were replaced within the project limits. Construction for the mainline reconstruction project is to be determined.

Project Summary:
Pennsylvania Turnpike Total Reconstruction and Widening Project, MP 316-319

Engineering Design:
Began in 2012

Open House Plans Display:
Held on May 8, 2014 at Great Valley Middle School
Click here for more information and copies of the display materials.

Overhead Bridge Replacement Construction:
Began early 2010; completed late 2016

Milepost 316-319 Project Map

Frequently Asked Questions

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How did you determine where the noise walls are located?

What will the noise walls look like?

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What are you doing to protect the environment?

If the Turnpike Commission still needs to acquire all or part of my property (business or residence) for the project, what should I know about the right-of-way acquisition process?

When will I know for sure whether or not my property will be affected?

How will the public know when construction starts, and if there will be detours?

How is this project funded?

How much will this project cost?

Does the PTC expect to continue widening to the east and west?

Does the Turnpike coordinate their work schedules with PennDOT work schedules?

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