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The PTC is publicly recommitting ourselves to a brighter, more sustainable future for current and future generations across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In the pioneering spirit of those who planned and built the first four- lane, limited-access highway in our nation, we seek to become known as America’s First Sustainable Superhighway. Learn about all the ways we are working toward that goal by downloading our Sustainability Report.

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Download the 2022 PTC Sustainability Report

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Our Mission for Sustainability

To create and build an organization-wide culture of sustainability where all decisions take into account our economic, environmental and social impact.

Our Vision for Sustainability

Driving the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission past green, into sustainable and ultimately toward restorative practices across our 550+ mile toll road operation.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The Commonwealth has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap to more sustainable operations. Adopted in 2017 by the United Nations General Assembly, the sustainability goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all" with a target date of 2030.

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Pollinator Habitat

Who are the pollinators and why are they important? Why is pollinator habitat becoming an important topic to DOTs and tolling agencies? The PA Turnpike has implemented pilot projects throughout the Commonwealth to work toward implementing pollinator habitat in their roadsides.

  • PA Turnpike Administration Building
  • Hickory Run Service Plaza
  • Harrisburg West Interchange
  • Irwin Interchange
  • Bensalem Interchange
  • Allentown Service Plaza

Our Efforts

New Trevose maintenance shed
LEED Certification Gold and Platinum Logos

Our Buildings and Facilities

Sustainability and protection of the environment have been watchwords within the PTC Facilities Department since the 1990's. In order to achieve our environmental goals, we began designing new building using LEED certification.

Examples of our LEED Certified Projects:

  • Somerset Maintenance Shed (LEED Silver)
  • Everett PSP Reno Project (LEED Siver)
  • Trevose Maintenance Shed (LEED Silver)
  • Everett Warehouse (LEED Gold)
  • Central Administrative Building (LEED Bronze)

Building Automation

These systems can monitor as little or as much as the PTC is interested in and can include everything from HVAC, water, lighting, commercial power and emergency generator operation.

Micro Grid

The PTC is constructing its first microgrid which will be used to supply power to its Greensburg Maintenance Facility located in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County. The microgrid consists of 3,224 (405 watt) solar panels which accounts for 1.305 MW of power.


EnergyCap is an enterprise utility bill and energy management software that manages bills by account and generates visual feedback for energy data. The energy data can be reported as required to meet the facility benchmarking and allow for project energy savings tracking and verification.

Tesla Supercharger at North Somerset Service Plaza

Electric Vehicle Charging

In cooperation with Pennsylvania DEP blink charging company PTC has provided level 2 and DC fast charge electric vehicle charging stations at the following Service Plazas:

  • Bowmansville
  • King of Prussia
  • New Stanton
  • Oakmont Plum
  • Perter J. Camiel

Clean Water

Learn about how we manage stormwater runoff with our Stormwater Asset Management Program (SWAMP) and our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4).

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Durable Pavement Markings

The PTC currently deploys two types of highly reflectorized durable pavement markings: recessed all-weather tape (RAWT) and recessed polyurea pavement markings.

Long Life Concrete

To improve the quality for the construction of the concrete pavements on the Southern beltway, a Special Provision entitled Long-Life Concrete Pavement (LLCP) was developed. PTC Southern Beltway contracts were the first construction contracts in Pennsylvania to use the LLCP specifications.

Perpetual Pavement

Perpetual Pavement is a term used to define a multiple layered asphalt concrete pavement structure that is designed to last 50 years or longer without any repairs below the wearing course. This multi-layered structure is engineered to work together to resist structural fatigue over its life cycle resulting in a long-life pavement.

blooming trees along highway

Vegetation Management Plan

The PTC is coordinating a vegetation development management plan to shift towards an efficient means to reduce cycles of recurring vegetation management of the PTC’s Right of Way. As the PTC implements various projects along the system, new seed mixes have been installed which require less frequent maintenance.

Spotted lantern flies on tree trunk

Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive insect species, has attacked trees across the Commonwealth. To address the issue and as a requirement of the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) Permit, obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), the PTC has implemented mandatory SLF training and vehicle inspections.

Business Process Improvements

This curriculum focused on Business Process Improvement Techniques aims to support our culture of innovation, which includes not only implementing new technologies and equipment to address our needs but also empowering our workforce to also improve the way that we work.

Print Utilization

The Information Technology (IT) department began an initiative several years ago to study the PTC's print utilization and habits in order to drive both cost savings and paper usage reductions in support of the PTC’s sustainability goals.

Green Gov Council

The Council encourages the incorporation of environmentally sustainable practices into the Commonwealth’s policy, planning, operations, procurement, and regulatory functions.

two office workers inspecting diagram

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (DE&I Council) is a voluntary, employee-led resource group comprised of over 20 employees from various departments throughout the Commission. The DE&I Council has four subcommittees: (1) Healing & Education; (2) Equitable Hiring & System Reform; (3) Transportation Justice & Equities; and (4) Marketing & Public Engagement. Each subcommittee is engaged in efforts to examine practices, policies, and procedures and provide relevant recommendations that foster a more collaborative and inclusive PTC.

Turnpike employees working in the Giving Garden

Turnpike Employee Association (TEA)

We Give Back

  • Blood Drives
  • Giving Garden
  • Pick an Angel Program
  • Salvation Army Backpack Program
  • Toys for Tots
  • Golf Outing benefitting PA Wounded Warriors
  • Milk and Honey Service Project