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Whether you are a driver or an owner/operator, we strive to be your connection to destinations in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Your Connection to Pennsylvania and Beyond.

As America's first superhighway, travel is our job, too. We've committed ourselves to making travel simpler and safer for all travelers, while also providing amenities that make each trip more comfortable. When traveling the PA Turnpike enjoy: 

PA Turnpike service plaza entrance

17 service plazas with parking, food, and more

Gas pumps at PA Turnpike service plaza

Accessible amenities that won't interrupt your travel

Vehicles traveling along the PA Turnpike

The convenience of non-stop travel

Make Traveling Easier with E‑ZPass

Using E-ZPass is the least expensive and most convenient way to travel the PA Turnpike. Make sure your transponder is mounted in your windshield, drive through a Toll Point and your toll will be deducted from your pre-paid account balance. You save nearly 60% on your tolls and don’t have to be on the lookout for an invoice in the mail. There are a number of account types available for commercial needs.

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Using calculator to estimate cost

Toll Calculator

We strive to make planning your trip simple. Easily calculate your customized cost of traveling on the PA Turnpike, and see how much you can save with E-ZPass.

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PA Turnpike service plaza at North Midway, Bedford

Service Plazas

We want your travel to be more than just efficient. We want it to be comfortable, too. There are 17 service plazas open 24 hours a day that offer a variety of amenities.

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Hazardous materials in transport

Hazardous Materials

It’s important to keep the PA Turnpike safe. We prohibit the transporting of hazardous materials through our tunnels. Review our hazardous material guidelines and restrictions to ensure you’re doing your part to keep our roadways safe. 

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Special Hauling Permits & Restrictions

We are dedicated to safety for all travelers. To help keep both commercial drivers and the motoring public safe, we require special permits for overweight/over-dimensional vehicles and restrict travel at certain times.

Permit Information   Apply for a Permit

Special Hauling Permits

A permit is required if the vehicle’s dimensions exceed any of the following:

Oversized load on the PA Turnpike

  • Length: 85 feet
  • Weight: 100,000 lbs. (Any vehicle or load weighing over 100,000 pounds that is divisible will be denied.)*
  • Axle weight: 22,400 lbs. (27,000 lbs. maximum)
  • Height: 13’6” (Exceptions: Maximum height on the PA Turnpike 576, 43, I-376 and 66 is 14'.)
  • Width: Over 10'0" to a max of 11’6”. Width includes mirrors and all extending cargo. (Exceptions: Maximum width between (115) Wyoming Valley Ramp and (131) Clarks Summit Ramp (Northeast Extension) is 14 feet. The maximum width on PA Turnpike 576, 43, I-376 and 66 is 14'.)**
  • Bumper overhang: A load or part thereof extending 5’ front or 15’ rear

*Note: Any vehicle or load over 80,000 lbs. may not exit at the Delaware River Bridge. As per N.J.A.C. 19:9-1.9,(b) & (c) of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) Regulations, vehicles exceeding the parameters set forth in the said regulations are restricted from the Toll Points for both the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. As such, you will need to seek an alternate access point from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

**Note: Vehicles between 8’6” wide and 10’ wide do not require a permit, but must follow time of day travel restrictions.

Holiday and Time of Day Travel Restrictions

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, all overweight/over-dimensional movements must travel between dawn and dusk Monday to Thursday, and between dawn and noon on Friday. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, all overweight/over-dimensional movements must travel between dawn and dusk Monday to Friday, and between dawn and noon on Saturday. Additional restrictions apply on select holidays throughout the year.

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Weight Class Dispute

If it appears that you were invoiced incorrectly due to weight classification, you can file a Weight Class Dispute through our online form. 

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Winter Event Vehicle Restrictions

Stay updated on roadway travel restrictions related to winter weather. Check PennDOT for the latest information.

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More Commercial Resources


View current traffic conditions, weather, and more.

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Other Permits & Restrictions

Get additional information about commercial permits and restrictions.

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