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Using E-ZPass is the least expensive and most convenient way to travel the PA Turnpike. E-ZPass users save nearly 60% on tolls and don’t have to be on the lookout for an invoice in the mail.

E-ZPass transponder being placed on windshieldMake Traveling Even Easier with E‑ZPass

E-ZPass makes traveling the PA Turnpike even more convenient. With E‑ZPass, you don't have to worry about waiting for invoices in the mail. Instead, tolls can automatically be paid as you drive.

Managing your E‑ZPass account or signing up to start saving can be done completely online. The E‑ZPass website offers access to account details.

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Commercial E-ZPass Account Types

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) E-ZPass commercial vehicle program makes travel on the PA Turnpike easier for both drivers and companies by offering a number of account types.

Prepaid/Postpaid (CVO1)

This account is for customers not currently enrolled in any other E‑ZPass program, that travel on the PA Turnpike and other E‑ZPass roadways, that want postpaid invoicing, and who may qualify for toll volume discounts.  Surety is required.

Prepaid Only - No Invoice - (CVO2)

This account is for commercial vehicle customers not currently enrolled in any other E‑ZPass program that do not qualify for toll volume discounts or do not want to post surety.

MOTORH (Prepaid)

This account offers a prepaid option for non-commercial customers registering an RV weighing over 15,000 pounds who are not currently enrolled in any other E‑ZPass Program.

Companion (CVO3: Postpaid Only)

This account is for customers with existing accounts with other E‑ZPass agencies that want postpaid billing and who may qualify for toll volume discounts.  Surety is required.

Companion Plus (CVO4: Prepaid/Postpaid)

This account is for customers with existing accounts with other E‑ZPass agencies that want postpaid invoicing, may qualify for toll volume discounts, and want to purchase PA Turnpike transponders.  Surety is required.

Government (GOV1)

Government agencies wishing to establish an E‑ZPass account with the PA Turnpike should call the Customer Service Center at 1-877-736-6727 for more details.

Enroll Now and Start Saving

Enroll Online

For customers who want a prepaid account, it's easy to enroll online. Just visit the E-ZPass website to get started. If you are applying for an account with a postpaid element, you will still need to print out the four to six page application at the end of the online process and mail it in along with the other required documents.

In order to complete an online application, you will need to have the following pieces of information:

  • Account contact information (Primary invoicing and Secondary shipping)
  • PA Sales Tax Exemption # (if applicable)
  • EIN # or Driver’s License #
  • Two forms of Automatic Prepaid Replenishment (ACH and/or credit card(s))
  • Vehicle information including License Plate #
  • Bank account and routing numbers for automatic postpaid ACH, if applicable

Visit the Commercial E-ZPass Account Creation page to enroll.

Enroll by Mail 

You may print out an empty application package and fill it in at your convenience. All of the necessary forms are available to download below. They will need to be completed in their entirety and mailed in. Missing or incomplete paperwork will delay the opening of your E-ZPass account.

Documents and Forms

All applicable application information MUST be completed and sent to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for final processing.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
700 South Eisenhower Blvd.
Attn: Accts Rec - CVO
Middletown, PA 17057

Frequently Asked Questions

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