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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissions’ (PTC) Investor Relations website provides information for bond holders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

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The PTC has a strong traffic and revenue history, a demonstrated ability to deliver large capital projects within budget, and a clear commitment to controlling costs and monitoring traffic and revenues. The PTC's Finance Department manages the Commission's debt portfolios, and works with the Commission's trustees to insure compliance with debt covenants.

Act 44 Plan

The PA Turnpike continues our longstanding role as a funding partner with PennDOT. Learn more about our partnership and plans.

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Toll Revenue and Volume

We provide transparency around our financial comparison reports. View our net toll revenues and volumes. 

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Official Statements

The PTC provides information for bond holders and transparency around revenue. 

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Capital Plan

Through our Capital Plan Investment, we aim to build "The bridge to zero fatalities."

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Financials and Planning

We’re invested in growing mobility, empowering safe driving, and providing transparency to our stakeholders. To accomplish these things, we provide access to our indenture and operating budget financial planning documents.

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Operating Budget

View the PA Turnpike’s current FY25 operating budget and access budgets from previous years. 


2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Review the most recent financial report to learn more about the financial position and cash flow of the PTC.

Traffic and Toll Revenue Forecast Study

The forecast study report provides a summary of the current traffic and revenue forecasts and outlines the changes made since the previous forecast study was released. 

2024 Bring Down Letter

Revenue Assurance Plan

The following Revenue Assurance Plan (RAP) provides detail on PA Turnpike toll transactions during the previous 12-month period. The RAP will be updated and posted online each quarter after an internal review of the data.

Since its July 2020 conversion to AET, the PA Turnpike has successfully collected on 93-94% of toll transactions system wide — a rate that was planned for and is in line with toll-industry averages. Of the remaining unbillable/uncollectable transactions, the majority is due to customer non-payment of Toll By Plate invoices.

Financial Policies

View the PTC's policy letters manual to access our financial policies.

To view all policy letters click  here.

Investor Relations Providers

The PTC's Finance Department manages the Commission's debt portfolios, and works with the Commission's trustees to insure compliance with debt covenants.

DAC Bond LogoThe PTC's Investor Relations website provides information for bond holders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

For our secondary market disclosure information, you may visit For further information about connecting to the DAC Investor Relations site, click here.

References and Reports

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Traffic and Toll Revenue Forecast Study 

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Oil Franchise Tax Revenue

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Commonwealth Motor License Fund

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Additional References and Reports

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2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report  PDF 2541 KB Download
Bond Credit Ratings  PDF 66 KB Download
PTC Extreme Weather and Climate Report 2022  PDF 8529 KB Download
Independent-Registered-Municipal-Advisor-Exemption  PDF 171 KB Download