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In less than a year, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will flip the switch, transitioning half of the system to Open Road Tolling.

But before this major change in how the Turnpike collects tolls and makes travel easier can happen, there’s still some work to be done, starting with connecting the new system to the new fiberoptic network. 

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Turnpike Wins Statewide Award for Pollinator Project

A new program that brought vibrant colors to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Central Office’s lawn and a few other locations was more than a landscaping choice. 

Turnpiker Pulls Customer from Burning Car, Saving Life

It started off as just another day when Eric Bruno arrived habitually early to work at the Pittsburgh Interchange Jan. 8. 

What's It Like to Drive a Snowplow?

Back-to-back storms were capped with another round of snow across the state last week, but PA Turnpike Maintenance crews were ready.

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