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ABC Project Schedules and Facts

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DETOUR: Sept. 22-25, 2017 Milepost 20.47 Bridge — I-76, BEAVER COUNTY
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DETOUR: Oct. 13-16, 2017 Northeast Extension Milepost A57.66 Bridge Replacement Project, Lehigh COUNTY

Detour Information

Bridge Location: PA Turnpike Mainline (I-76), milepost 20.47
Detour Weekend: Sept. 22-25, 2017
Detour Duration: 55 hours beginning 9 p.m. Friday through 4 a.m. Monday
Backup Date (weather delay): Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2017
Detour Exits: Turnpike’s New Castle Int. and Cranberry Int.
Detour Distance: 80 miles
Detour Drive Time: Approximately 75 minutes
Bridge Specifications

Municipality: New Sewickley Township, Beaver County

Length: 150 feet

Crossing Feature: Over Brush Creek

Structure Type: P/S Concrete Adjacent Box Beam (existing); Steel Plate Girder (new)

Opened to Traffic: Dec. 26, 1951

Average Daily Traffic: 40,000 combined east/west

Bridge Team

Engineering-Design: SPK Engineering Inc., Uniontown PA

Construction Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp., Saxonburg PA

Construction Management and Inspection: STV Inc., Douglassville PA

Detour Information

Bridge Location: PA Turnpike Northeastern Extension (I-476), milepost A-57.66
Detour Weekend: Oct. 13-16, 2017
Detour Duration: 55 hours beginning 9 p.m. Friday through 4 a.m. Monday
Backup Date (weather delay): Oct. 20-23, 2017
Local-Traffic Detour Exits: Northeastern Extension’s Lehigh Valley Int. and Mahoning Valley Int.
Local-Traffic Detour Distance: 60 miles
Local-Traffic Detour Drive Time: Approximately 65 minutes
Through-Traffic Detour Exits: Northeastern Extension’s Lehigh Valley Int. and Pocono Int.
Through-Traffic Detour Distance: 70 miles
Through-Traffic Detour Drive Time: Approximately 70 minutes
Bridge Specifications

Municipality: South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County

Length: Existing bridge, 131 feet; new bridge, 115 feet

Crossing Feature: Over Crackersport Road

Structure Type: Steel I-Beam (existing); Steel Plate Girder (new)

Opened to Traffic: Nov. 7. 1957

Average Daily Traffic: 30,000 combined north/south

Bridge Team

Engineering-Design: HDR Inc., Bethlehem PA

Construction Contractor: Road-Con Inc., West Chester PA

Construction Management and Inspection: STV Inc., Douglassville PA

Engineers Adopt New Methods to Replace Old Bridges

East-West Mainline, Milepost 20.47 Bridge Replacement Project
Detour: Both directions.

All Traffic - between New Castle (Exit 10) & Cranberry (Exit 28).
Detours: Both directions.

Local-Traffic - between Lehigh Valley (Exit 56) & Mahoning Valley (Exit 74).

Through-Traffic - between Lehigh Valley (Exit 56) & Pocono (Exit 95).
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Earlier in 2017, construction crews began work on two unique bridge-replacement projects at opposite ends of the PA Turnpike — one in Beaver County in western PA and another in Lehigh County in eastern PA. In the last two decades, the PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) has completed dozens of bridge-replacement projects to ensure the safety and integrity of these critical structures. What’s unique about these two bridges is how they are being designed and constructed. They are the first on the 552-mile toll-road system to be developed using a modern technique called Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC.

Milepost 20.47 was completed Sept. 22-25, 2017, and NE Extension milepost A57.66 was completed Oct. 13-16, 2017.

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Accelerated Bridge Construction is an engineering innovation that employs groundbreaking planning, design and construction methods and materials in a safe, cost-effective way to reduce the time it takes compared to traditional bridge-replacement techniques. ABC has been shown to improve work-zone safety for construction workers and the traveling public as well as project delivery time for transportation agencies and bridge builders. ABC also helps reduce impacts associated with traditional bridge projects, including onsite construction time and traffic disruptions.

Easing Traffic Impacts

Replacing a bridge while safely maintaining traffic can be a daunting engineering challenge and a headache for motorists. Traditional bridge-replacement techniques usually involve multiple overnight Turnpike closures, single-lane patterns, cattle chutes and other restrictions over two construction seasons. With ABC, impacts occur over a single long weekend. Instead of nine to 18 months of intermittent impacts, ABC limits traffic disruptions to a 55-hour period, beginning at 9 p.m. on a Friday through 4 a.m. the following Monday.

In the fall of 2017, the PTC implemented its first ABC 55-hour closure on the east-west mainline, I-76, between the Beaver Valley Exit (#13) and the Cranberry Exit (#28). The second 55-hour closure was completed on the Northeastern Extension (I-476) between the Lehigh Valley Exit (#56) and the Mahoning Valley Exit (#74).

Accelerated Bridge Construction

Click here to view an example of an Accelerated Bridge Construction project, provided courtesy of Michigan DOT.

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