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Delaware River Bridge Alert

Bridge Closed Until Further Notice

The bridge connecting the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Turnpikes will be closed indefinitely while engineers conduct studies to determine how to best repair the structure for the long term. A complete fracture was discovered Jan. 20 in a 14-inch steel truss, or I-beam, on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge below the riding surface in the westbound right lane. The fracture rendered the structure unsafe, and the bridge was immediately closed to traffic.

Detour Route US-1/I-95/I-295/I-195
PA Turnpike – I-276, Exit 351 to NJ Turnpike – I-95, Exit 7A
36.9 mi. average time: 0hr 37m EASTBOUND
NJ Turnpike – I-95, Exit 7A to PA Turnpike – I-276, Exit 351
37.2 mi. average time: 0 hr 38 m WESTBOUND

Daily Update (February 17, 2017)


Delaware River Bridge Delaware River Bridge Delaware River Bridge Crews continue to work 24/7 on stabilizing towers that will be used to jack the bridge up to its previous alignment, determining the extent of the long term solution needed. Crews also continue to take borings from the bridge for analysis of the entire structure. Timeline remains the same, it will be another 6 weeks before crews know enough to issue next steps.


Press Release Issued Delaware River Turnpike Bridge to Stay Closed At Least Eight More Weeks.
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Delaware River Bridge Delaware River Bridge On site crews continue to work around the clock at the Bridge work site erecting 80’ support towers that will eventually be used to support the jacking of the bridge into its original alignment. This work includes not only building the towers but digging and laying brand new foundations for each due to the ground conditions so close to the river. Relocation of some utilities was required and we are thankful for the support we received from all the local utility companies in doing this quickly and safely. The PA Turnpike Commission has been in contact with neighbors of the bridge who are impacted by the round the clock work to ensure they remain up to date on progress.


Delaware River Bridge Section of the first of 8 80' temporary support towers nears completion at the Delaware River Bridge work site. These towers will be going up and will eventually allow engineers to realign the bridge and determine the long term solution.


Delaware River Bridge Delaware River Bridge Delaware River Bridge As crews continue critical repair work on the DRB, a snooper crane is used to inspect the other areas of the bridge for any defects or issues.


Delaware River Bridge Crews are currently working below grade in eight locations to lay foundations for the temporary support towers which will further stabilize the compromised areas of the bridge. Cut-outs of the bridge have been sent to testing sites for analysis.


Engineers from various agencies continue to work on the bridge assessment, closure remains in effect.

Repair Timeframe

Currently we know the bridge will remain closed at the very least until early April as crews work to realign the bridge and complete load testing. While we regret the inconvenience, it is crucial that the bridge remain closed to protect traveler and worker safety as a full-scale structure analysis is completed and repair plans are developed. Until more is understood about the damage, it is not possible to estimate how many days or weeks the bridge will need to remain closed while the long-term fix is made.


Eastbound Detour

PA Turnpike motorists heading east into New Jersey should use this revised alternate route: Exit at the Bensalem Interchange, #351 in Bucks County. Follow U.S. Route 1 north, to I-95 north, to I-295, south, to I-195 east. Take Exit 6 on I-195, and reenter the NJ Turnpike. Expect slow-moving or stopped traffic in the area, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

Westbound Detour

Motorists heading to Pennsylvania will be detoured at New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 7A to I-195 westbound to I-295 northbound, which becomes I-95 southbound; or from New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 5 to Mount Holly Road. Motorists traveling from northern New Jersey are advised to exit at Interchange 14 and use I-78 west into Pennsylvania. Expect slow-moving or stopped traffic in the area, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

Impact on Local Roads

Local roadways under the bridge including Radcliff Street, Palmer Avenue and Wood Avenue are also closed until further notice. Motorists traveling east from Route 130 will be able to use Interchange 6 to access the New Jersey Turnpike via the Pearl Harbor Memorial Extension. The westbound Pearl Harbor Memorial Extension will remain closed to all traffic; there will be no access to Interchange 6 from that direction.

Hotspot Map

This Hotspot Map indicates potential trouble areas for regional travelers as they navigate roadways with heavy traffic volumes from the Delaware River Turnpike Bridge detours.


Updates will continue to be posted to this site. Information can also be found at the New Jersey Turnpike website at

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