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Project Description

In order to provide for future travel lanes and on/off ramps associated with the I-95 Interchange Project, the existing Ford Road Bridge over I-95 (MP 40.5) in Bucks County has been replaced. The existing supports (Abutments) have been moved further apart to provide additional room for the new travel lanes.

The new bridge has been built in the same location as the previous bridge thus requiring the removal of the previous bridge to enable the construction of the new bridge. The new bridge is longer and includes two 12-foot wide travel lanes, two 8-foot shoulders, and a pedestrian sidewalk on the south side of the structure. The new structure has 2 spans with a new support (pier) in the I-95 median.

Traffic was detoured from Ford Road during the demolition of the previously existing bridge and construction of the new structure using Newportville Road, New Falls Road, and Durham Road as well as a short portion of Veterans Highway between Durham and Ford Roads.

Project Schedule

Construction began in mid-May 2012 and was completed in November 2013.

Construction Status

September 2013

  • Contractor completed installing new guide rail for Ford Road Bridge approaches.
  • All Ford Road paving and line striping completed on both sides of the new bridge.
  • Ford Road Bridge detour was removed on Friday, September 27th.

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Construction Information Archive

August 2013

  • New bridge parapet was completed.
  • Contractor completed new guide rail installation on I-95.
  • Utility companies removed temporary lines over I-95 on Sunday, August 18th.
  • Contractor completed installation of new bridge approach slabs.
  • Contractor installing fencing on new bridge parapet.
  • Contractor is preparing bridge approaches for new paving.

July 2013

  • Concrete deck placement was completed, parapet installation started.
  • Utility companies scheduled to remove temporary lines over I-95 on or around Sunday, August 18th.
  • Contractor installing new bridge approach slabs.

May/June 2013

  • Erection of the new steel beams was completed.
  • Concrete deck placement was started.
  • Contractor completed installation of new utility lines on the bridge.

April 2013

  • Construction of the new west abutment was completed.
  • Erection of the new steel beams was completed and contractor began installation of deck overhangs and shielding.
  • Concrete deck placement scheduled for early summer 2013.

February/March 2013

  • The contractor completed construction of the new median pier and new east abutment.
  • Construction of the new west abutment is ongoing.
  • New steel beams are scheduled for erection in mid-April 2013 with placement of the new concrete deck in mid-June 2013.

January 2013

  • The contractor completed construction of the new median pier cap.
  • Construction of the new west abutment pile foundations and pile driving was completed.
  • Construction of the new east abutment footing was completed and the abutment walls were started.

November/December 2012

  • The contractor completed construction of the new median footings and pier columns.
  • Excavation and pile driving of the new west abutment was started.
  • Excavation for the new east abutment - abutment footing piles and concrete foundation were completed.

October 2012

  • The contractor completed demolition of the existing median pier and the east abutment.
  • Construction of the new median pier was started with excavation and pile driving.
  • Began excavation for the new east abutment.

September 2012

  • Existing bridge superstructure demolition was completed with removal of the bridge beams the week of Sept 26th.
  • The contractor is currently removing the old bridge abutments and center pier.
  • New bridge substructure construction is anticipated to start in mid–October with installation of foundation piles.

August 2012

  • Continued installation of temporary pole line in preparation for removing existing lines from the bridge.
  • Installing temporary shielding and overhang platforms in preparation for demolition of the existing bridge deck.

July 2012

  • Fieldwork was initiated with implementation of the Ford Road detour on Monday, July 9th.
  • Contractor completed clearing trees for temporary utility relocations access.
  • PECO initiated utility relocation with installation of temporary poles.
  • "Construction Ahead" warning signage placed on I-95.

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