Delaware River Bridge

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Delaware River Bridge Reconstruction

Construction 2030 or Later

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (Commission) and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (Authority) are currently re-evaluating rehabilitation and replacement options for the existing Delaware River Bridge (DRB).  The previously selected option from the 2003 Record of Decision was to build a new bridge to carry eastbound (I-95 NB to NJ) traffic and rehabilitate the existing bridge to carry westbound (I-95 SB to PA) traffic. However, a 2017 fracture of one of the existing bridge approach trusses required a full closure of more than six weeks while the bridge was fully inspected and repaired.  As a result, the Commission and the Authority are evaluating a range of alternatives including replacement of the bridge in its entirety.

The Commission and the Authority have conducted environmental studies and are currently performing an Alternative Analysis (AA) to evaluate potential alignments and bridge types. Interstate traffic will be maintained during the entire bridge construction schedule.

The current design schedule anticipates AA will be completed in 2024, and design activities will continue into 2026 with Preliminary Engineering (PE) of the most viable alternatives that emerge from AA. Public outreach and environmental clearance tasks will be completed simultaneously as well during the PE phase. The Commission and Authority will then determine the next steps for final design and construction of the project.

This website will be updated periodically as the project advances and more details are available related to the alignments.  

Map of DRB study area

Delaware River Bridge Reconstruction Approximate Study Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

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