Design & Construction Details

Milepost A38-A44 Total Reconstruction Design & Construction Details

Mainline Widening Construction Activities

Current Activities: Fall 2022

  • Excavation, both sides
  • Embankment construction, both sides
  • Clearing, both sides
  • Installation of erosion and sedimentation controls, both sides
  • Drainage basin construction, both sides
  • Pile driving operations for bridge construction in the area of Kumry Road

Construction Update

Large-Scale Excavation Continues for Widening from North of Lansdale to Quakertown

September 1, 2022 – Stage 2 construction continues late this summer for the project to complete the reconstruction and widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension (I-476) from north of the Lansdale Interchange to the Quakertown Interchange in Bucks County.

Excavation and embankment-building operations for the widening are ongoing (see below) in both the northbound and southbound work areas behind a temporary concrete barrier.

SB Excavation Sta 680-c

Additionally, the contractor will soon begin the excavation and grading of sediment basins along with the realignment of Unami creek to accommodate the northbound widening.

Removal of trees and other vegetation, along with installation of the project’s erosion and sediment controls, continues beyond the northbound and southbound shoulders of the work area.

Daily traffic paces will be utilized for periodic rock blasting operations Mondays through Wednesdays between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

8-24-22 38-44-4 800px

Situated between mileposts A38 and A44, the current contract is a continuation of the Turnpike’s ongoing program to widen the Northeast Extension that was completed in 2021 between mileposts A31, just north of the Lansdale Exit, and A38, near the Clump Road overpass in Franconia Township. The Extension also was widened and improved between the Mid-County Interchange and the Lansdale Interchange under a contract that was completed in 2017.

Construction during this stage is expected to take place Mondays through Fridays between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM through November 2023. No long-term lane restrictions are expected during this stage, but occasional nighttime lane closures will be required.

Excess Excavation Areas

Completed Construction

The existing overhead bridges within the project corridor have been replaced to accommodate the current widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeastern Extension from four to six lanes. The overhead bridges carrying Upper Ridge Road, Trumbauersville Road and Steinsburg Road over the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeastern Extension have been returned to service. Several photos documenting construction progress at each of these structures are provided below.

Upper Ridge Road  (SR 4033)

Click images for high resolution versions

Trumbauersville Road (SR 4051)

Steinsburg Road (SR 4059)

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