Design & Construction Details

Milepost 324-326 Design & Construction Details

Total Reconstruction Project

Construction Update

U.S. 422, Thomas Road Bridge Construction Continue

November 10, 2022 – Bridge foundations and abutments are being constructed for the new Turnpike bridge over Thomas Road (T-576). During construction, Thomas Road is fully closed at the Turnpike overpass for approximately two months. Traffic is being detoured via Walker, Richards, and Glenhardie roads.

9-5-22 EB Basin 12 Area Excavation

Compaction operations to improve the soil and other ground modifications continue through November at the large sediment basin located at the western end of the project area adjacent to the Turnpike’s Valley Forge Service Plaza.

Stormwater drainage system installation continues along the eastbound side of the Turnpike, while additional crews prepare to pave the Valley Forge Service Plaza ramps at the end of November. On the westbound side, drilling and grouting for ground improvement continues along with noise wall foundation construction.

9-5-22 EB Thomas Rd Bridge SOE

Additionally, pile driving for the foundation construction of the Turnpike bridge over U.S. 422 and N. Gulph Road is ongoing through the fall season

Turnpike (I-76) Mainline construction during this stage is expected to take place Monday through Friday between 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM through August 2023. No long-term lane restrictions are expected during this stage, but occasional nighttime lane closures may occur.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission began a separate construction project this fall to widen the Turnpike between Milepost 312 and 316, west of the current project area. Visit the Milepost 312-316 website for more information.

Construction Staging

Prep Stage: Fall 2021

  • Install advance signing
  • Reconstruct inside shoulders
  • Place construction barrier along outside edges of existing eastbound and westbound lanes
  • Install environmental controls

Travel Impacts:

  • Maintain two lanes in each direction
  • Periodic off-peak single lane closures in either or both directions

Stage 1 Construction: Late 2021 to Late 2023

  • Excavation for construction of new eastbound and westbound outside third lanes and shoulders
  • Install stormwater drainage pipes and inlets and drainage basins
  • Construct new eastbound and westbound third lanes
  • Construct outside sections of new bridges over Thomas Road, Glenhardie Road, and U.S. 422/N. Gulph Road

Travel Impacts:

  • Maintain two eastbound and westbound lanes on the Turnpike
  • Periodic off-peak single lane closures in either or both directions
  • Thomas Road, Glenhardie Road one lane with temporary traffic signals
  • Thomas Road short-term detour in early 2022 for pipe installation
  • No shoulders on U.S.422 at Turnpike overpass

Stage 2 Construction: Late 2023 to Late 2025

  • Shift two lanes of eastbound and two lanes of westbound traffic to the newly reconstructed eastbound and westbound lanes and shoulders
  • Remove existing median barrier
  • Excavate existing eastbound and westbound travel lanes
  • Install stormwater drainage pipes and inlets
  • Reconstruct the existing two eastbound and westbound travel lanes
  • Construct new median, median barrier
  • Construct inside sections of new bridges over Thomas Road, Glenhardie Road, and U.S. 422/N. Gulph Road

Travel Impacts:

  • Maintain two eastbound and westbound lanes
  • Periodic off-peak single lane closures in either or both directions
  • Thomas Road, Glenhardie Road one lane with temporary traffic signals
  • No shoulders on U.S.422 at Turnpike overpass

Early Construction Activities

Advance Tree Clearing Contract

The PTC completed a tree clearing contract in April 2021 within the limits of their right-of-way in advance of the upcoming construction project. The reason for performing the work at this time is due to environmental regulations, which require that cutting down trees greater than 4 inches diameter must occur between the months of November and March due to the presence long eared bats, which are an endangered species in this region. In order to not impact the schedule of the upcoming construction project, the PTC initiated a separate contract to remove the trees within the allowable time of year. After the trees are cut down, they are being collected and turned into wood chips. Since the project area is within the Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) quarantine area, trees and branches cannot be transported out of the quarantine area. All trees and branches must be chipped and left sitting in piles for several days to generate heat to kill the SLF eggs. Wood chips are then being collected and removed. The PTC will remove all remaining stumps and perform any needed residual tree clearing within the appropriate restrictions as part of the upcoming construction project.

Asphalt Patching and Resurfacing Contract

A project to patch and resurface the existing Turnpike roadway between the Mill Road overpass and Valley Forge Service Interchange started on April 19, 2021. The contractor is currently working on the eastbound Turnpike, working their way from the area of the Mill Road overpass towards the Valley Forge Interchange. The eastbound work is anticipated to be complete by the end of April and will then begin working westbound. The overall completion date for this pavement patching work is July 23, 2021 but may be completed as early as Memorial Day. The work needs to be performed at night due to lane closures that are required during off-peak hours.

This work is not part of the upcoming reconstruction and widening project but is needed to make sure the existing roadway will remain in good condition over the next several years during the widening project.

Reconstruction and Widening Project Schedule

The reconstruction and widening project is going out to bid in July 2021 and construction is expected to begin in September 2021. Construction is anticipated to take approximately 3 years, with the Turnpike open to 6 lanes of traffic by November 2024. There may be some additional landscaping and seeding that needs to be completed in the Spring of 2025 depending on weather and timing. The PTC's contracting methods, which are widely used across the industry, are to design and sequence the project, but provide general guidance in the way of timing. This is done to allow flexibility to the Contractor to get the best quality project in a reasonable timeframe. Therefore, the timing of specific construction activities will be determined by the Contractor. The Contractor will provide a more detailed schedule once the project is awarded and regular updates will be posted on the project website as construction progresses to provide advanced notice of specific work activities.

The reconstruction of the Turnpike bridges over Thomas and Glenhardie Roads is estimated to begin in May of 2022 and continue through May of 2024. Both Thomas and Glenhardie Roads will require single lane conditions underneath the bridges for a period of time, in order to provide sufficient room for the bridge construction. Temporary traffic signals will be installed on each side of the bridge to control the flow of traffic. A closure of Thomas Road to all traffic will occur in the Fall of 2021 for installation of a storm drain pipe and traffic will be detoured using Glenhardie Road. It is anticipated this closure will last approximately one week. Intermittent short-term closures at both sites will occur as needed for specific demolition and erection operations. Please refer to the link below for a preliminary construction and detour schedule. The website will be updated during construction to provide advance notice on the timing of these restrictions.

The sound barriers for this project will be built during the first stage of construction, which will take approximately 2 years to complete between the Fall of 2021 and end of 2023. Not all sound barriers will be constructed at the same time, however they will all be constructed by the end of 2023. The location of the sound barrier, relative to the Turnpike and construction access, influences the decision on when a given section of barrier can be constructed.

Excess Excavation Area

Construction of the widening and reconstruction project will result in excess soil and rock that needs to be permanently placed within the project limits. The PTC has identified an area within their property at the Valley Forge Service Plaza where the contractor can place this material, which is shown on the map using the link below.The excess excavation areas may be up to 35 feet in height. The existing berm behind the service plaza is 18 feet high.

Bridge Replacements

This project includes the replacement of three mainline bridges, which carry the Turnpike over local or state roads. The following structures will be replaced during the mainline construction:

  • Thomas Road
  • Glenhardie Road
  • SR 0422 and North Gulph Road

Project Schedule

Construction and Detour Schedule

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