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Milepost 320 - 324 News & Public Involvement

Total Reconstruction Project

Community Involvement

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is committed to keeping its neighbors informed on all project activities that may impact property owners and has held several public meetings to share project plans and address the public's concerns.

Letters will be sent to the adjacent property owners notifying them of the project status as final design has restarted for this project in August 2023. Please check back to this website for additional updates as the project progresses.

Tree Removal & Clearing

Early 2024

Tree removal and clearing will commence in Early 2024 along the westbound PA Turnpike between the Route 29 Interchange (Milepost 320) and Valley Forge Road (Milepost 324). This clearing will help protect the recently installed temporary aerial fiber optic/broadband lines from storm damage. The fiber optic lines will ultimately be placed underground beneath the Turnpike pavement as part of the Milepost 320 to 324 Total Reconstruction project.  

Traffic Noise Resources

Noise Impact Analysis

A noise impact analysis report was prepared for the entire Milepost 320-326 corridor from the Route 29 Interchange (Milepost 320) to the Valley Forge Interchange (Milepost 326). This report describes the methodology and presents the findings of the traffic noise study conducted for the full-depth reconstruction project of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Chester and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. The full-depth reconstruction project will convert the existing four-lane roadway with a 10-foot median to a six-lane typical section with a 26-foot median. The purpose of the traffic noise study is (1) to determine if project-related noise impacts will occur and (2) to determine whether noise abatement for affected areas in the form of sound barriers or other mitigation measures would be warranted, feasible, and reasonable, based upon Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) criteria as utilized by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC).

Noise Impact Analysis Report



Recommended Sound Barrier Locations

This section provides direct access to the maps that show recommended sound barrier locations throughout the Mileposts 320-326 project area without having to download the entire Noise Analysis Report. Sheets 1 through 5 pertain to this project and sheets 6 and 7 pertain to the Milepost 324-326 project.

Community Involvement

In September 2011, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission met with impacted property owners in the project area to determine whether or not they wanted a sound barrier and if so, the preferred color and texture of the barrier facing the community. View the results at the link below.

Please use the Contact Us page to communicate with the project team.

Traffic Noise Resources

Sound Barrier Community Meetings

Sound Barrier Community Meetings (September 26 & 27, 2011)

On September 26 and 27, 2011, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission met with impacted property owners in the project area to determine whether or not they wanted a sound barrier and if so, the preferred color and texture of the barrier facing the community.

These Sound Barrier Community Meetings were held at the Valley Forge Middle School in Wayne, Pa. and were attended by a total of 192 residents over two nights. Impacted property owners (those predicted to be impacted by traffic noise during the project's design year (2035) as defined in the Noise Impact Analysis Report) were invited to attend and cast their votes. All impacted property owners voted on whether or not they were in favor of construction of a sound barrier. Only property owners whose property line touches the Turnpike right-of-way line or future sound barrier location were asked to give their preferences for the color and texture of the wall. These impacted property owners were then divided into nine color-coded voting groups based on continuity of sound barriers and sight line of barriers.

Please click on the following links to view the meeting materials and displays that were available at the meeting, including the color and texture choices available for the sound barriers and a link to the sound barrier mapping for the project area.

Color and Texture Options


Voting Results

Over fifty percent of the impacted property owners in the project area participated in the voting process. The majority of voters in each voting group selected ashlar stone as the preferred texture for the wall. The preferred colors of the wall included gray, tan and beige. The detailed results of the vote are listed below:

Voting Results
Voting Group/Noise Study AreaArea DescriptionColor/Texture
1 - NSA N1Howells Road area north of TurnpikeGray Ashlar Stone
2 - NSA S1 & S2South of Turnpike - Along Yellow Springs Road and includes Vanguard SchoolGray Ashlar Stone
3 - NSA S3SummerhillGray Ashlar Stone
4 - NSA S7Earthen Berm Behind Valley Forge Service PlazaEarthen Berm
5a - NSA S7 & N6Glenhardie single family homesBeige Ashlar Stone
5b - NSA S8Glenhardie Golf Course and Condominium AssociationTan Ashlar Stone
6 - NSA S4Fox Hollow and Main Street VillageGray Ashlar Stone
7 - NSA S5Eagles Ridge Condominiums and Valley StreamTan Ashlar Stone
8 - NSA S6Sullivan's Bridge, The Ponds and The QuartersTan Ashlar Stone
9 - NSA S6Green HillsGray Ashlar Stone

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