Design & Construction Details

Milepost 320 - 324 Design & Construction Details

Total Reconstruction Project


The construction phase of the Turnpike mainline roadway from Milepost 320 to 324 will not begin until construction has been completed for the adjacent Milepost 324 to Milepost 326 project and is subject to available funding. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will keep the public informed as construction of the adjacent project progresses and additional information is available for this project.

Project Plans

This project is part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's statewide total reconstruction initiative, which entails rebuilding sections of the 70-plus-year-old Turnpike. The new roadway design meets current interstate design criteria and will provide a safer and more efficient travel experience for Turnpike customers. This section is the most heavily traveled four-lane section of the east/west mainline Turnpike, and projected growth dictates additional lanes. In addition to the proposed improvements benefitting Turnpike customers, the adjacent communities will be enhanced through stormwater improvements and noise mitigation.

The project originally extended another two miles east to the Valley Forge Interchange (Milepost 326). Due to funding challenges and to reduce prolonged inconvenience to the local residents, the two mile section is being constructed as the first phase.

The links below show the project plans that were displayed at the July 14, 2015 Public Hearing for the entire MP 320-326 corridor.

Bridge Replacements

In order to accommodate the new six-lane facility, two overhead bridges were replaced:

  • Valley Forge Road (Rt. 252) located at milepost 324 (closed 3/2/09 and re-opened 10/26/09)
  • Mill Road located at milepost 322 (closed 3/21/11 and re-opened 11/4/11)

This project also includes the replacement of four mainline bridges, which carry the Turnpike over local or state roads. The following structures will be replaced during the mainline construction:

  • Howells Road
  • Yellow Springs Road
  • Valley Creek
  • Wilson Road
Completed Mill Road Bridge

Completed Mill Road Bridge

Completed Valley Forge Road Bridge

Completed Valley Forge Road Bridge

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