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August 18, 2022  -  Milepost 312 to Milepost 316 Noise Wall Design Survey Results
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The ashlar stone style in gray or beige was the overwhelming choice of residents who participated in a survey the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission conducted during the summer. The survey results provided guidance on what texture and color treatments were preferred by Chester County residents who own properties where noise walls are proposed as part of the Milepost 312-316 Reconstruction Project.

 The noise wall design survey asked residents to choose from four architectural treatment options — ashlar stone, grape stake, ship lap, and fuzzy rake – and four color options – tan, brown, gray, and beige.  To maximize participation in the survey, the Commission accepted responses by mail and online for a thirty day period from July to August.

 Over 80 people participated in the survey. More than 90 percent were in support of a noise barrier being built near their property or residence. Four people had no opinion or rejected the noise barrier but provided their wall design preferences (they are included in the following counts). Color and texture responses and properties were organized by noise study area (NSA): NSA-4 or NSA-5.

 Ashlar stone was preferred by slightly more that 70 percent of NSA-4 respondents, followed by fuzzy rake at 19 percent, ship lap at eight percent, and grape stake at two percent. The beige color option was favored by 44 percent of NSA-4 respondents, with gray chosen by 25 percent, brown by 21 percent, and tan by 10 percent. Ashlar stone received slightly more that 70 percent of NSA-5 votes, followed by fuzzy rake at 16 percent, grape stake at 10 percent, and ship lap at three percent. The gray color option was favored by 42 percent of NSA-5 respondents, with beige chosen by 29 percent, tan by 16 percent, and brown by 13 percent.

Noise abatement walls were determined to be warranted in two areas in the I-76 Milepost 311.60 to Milepost 316.19 project in Chester County based on collected noise measurements and analysis performed by the Commission’s project consultants to predict future noise levels. The Commission is moving to have the noise walls installed as part of the mainline reconstruction project, which is expected to get fully underway in early-second-quarter 2023.


Noise Impact Analysis

A Noise Analysis Impact Study for the project was updated in 2016. This report describes the methodology and presents the findings of the traffic noise study conducted for the full-depth reconstruction and widening project for the Milepost 311.60 to Milepost 316.19 project. . Noise impacts were identified in two areas and, upon further consideration, it has been determined that noise walls are a reasonable and feasible noise mitigation tool for these areas. Read the Noise Impact Study report here.

Recommended Sound Barrier Locations

This section provides direct access to the maps that show recommended sound barrier locations throughout the Milepost 311.6-316.19 project area.

Proposed Sound Barrier Location – NSA 4


Proposed Sound Barrier Location – NSA 5



For Further Reading on Noise Impacts

The project team has prepared an informational noise impacts brochure, which includes details about highway noise abatement outreach and processes, and how noise is measured and controlled. Read or download the Noise Impact brochure here.

Open House Plans Display

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission hosted an Open House Plans Display on May 8th, 2014 at Great Valley Middle School, 255 Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA 19355. Click on the links below to review the materials presented at the display.

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