Engineering RFPs

Engineering/Architectural RFPS

The Contracts Administration Department is responsible for the procurement of professional services required by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

The PTC has begun using PennDOT's Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) for the advertisement of RFPs and the receipt of Statements of Interest for highway related engineering services. All firms (including subconsultant team-members) must be registered business partners with PennDOT in ECMS in order to submit a Statement of Interest. Please note that certain facility-related or non-highway program-related engineering/architectural services may still be advertised outside of ECMS on the PTC's website until further notice.

Advertised Engineering RFPs

Number Title Issuing Office Due Date
T00088/T00089/T00090 Open-End Engineering Design Services - Systemwide Engineering Design 01/11/2018

Awarded Engineering RFPs

Number Title Awarded To Date Awarded
T00087 Open End Construction Mgt. and Inspection Services Between MP 0-247, I-376, Turnpike 576, 66, and 43 Erdman Anthony Associates Inc 04/17/2018
T00091 Support Services Contract for P3 Broadband project Gannett Fleming Inc 04/17/2018
T00092 Open-End Construction Management and Inspection Services for Facility Projects TRC Engineers Inc 04/17/2018
T00011 Open End Design Services McMahon Associates Inc 03/06/2018
T00083 Open End Construction Inspection from Milepost 247-359 and Milepost A20-A131 JBC Associates Inc 02/20/2018
T00084 Coating Consultant Services - Systemwide KTA-Tator Inc 02/06/2018
T00085 Construction Management Services for the Mon/Fayette Expressway Expansion Projects, PA-51 to PA-837 Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc 02/06/2018
T00082 Open End Construction Inspection Services Between MP 0-247, I-376, Turnpike 576, 66, and 43 TW Consultants Inc 02/06/2018
T00081 2018 Systemwide Transportation Planning McCormick Taylor Inc 01/17/2018
T00086 Open End Aerial Mapping Services System Wide T3 Global Strategies Inc 01/17/2018
3-278 Open End Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Services - Systemwide Burns Engineering Inc 12/19/2017
T00079/T00080 Traffic Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Open End McMahon Associates Inc | WSP USA Inc 12/19/2017
T00075 Construction Management and Inspection Services for Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction from MP 28-31 ALCM LLC 11/21/2017
17-10350-7874 Fiber Optic Broadband Network Project through a Public-Private Partnership View Short-listed Proposers in RFP "Responded" List 11/21/2017
T00066/T00067/T00068 Open End Engineering Design Services P Joseph Lehman Inc Consulting Engineers | Susquehanna Civil Inc | TranSystems Corporation Consultants 11/21/2017
T00071/T00072/T00073/T00074 Design Services for New Cashless Tolling Open Road Toll (ORT) Zones Century Engineering Inc | Jacobs Engineering Group Inc | Stantec Consulting Services Inc | Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani LLC 11/21/2017
T00058 Open End Traffic & Revenue Services - Systemwide CDM Smith Inc 11/07/2017
T00070 Design Services for the Cashless Tolling In-Place Conversion of Existing Toll Plaza Facilities Pennoni Associates Inc 11/07/2017

Archived/Cancelled Engineering RFPs