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Buyer ID Buyer Name Title Phone
038 Ken Heffernan Procurement Specialist 717-831-7552
200 Engineering Construction EBS Contract 717-939-9551
034 Matt Lerew Procurement Analyst 717-831-7252
036 Vacant Position Procurement Analyst 717-831-7319
033 Wendy Callahan Senior Procurement Specialist 717-831-7227
100 RFP Department Contracts Administration 717-939-9551
032 Wayne Burke Strategic Sourcing Supervisor 717-831-7319
015 Karen Ruch Manager of Procurement & Planning 717-831-7283


Category Description Buyer #
000000 Vehicles and Construction Equipment View Class Codes
100000 Vehicle and Construction Equipment Parts View Class Codes
200000 Industrial Equipment and Supplies View Class Codes
300000 Building Facility Supplies View Class Codes
400000 Fuels, Chemicals and Janitorial Supplies View Class Codes
500000 Business Equipment and Supplies View Class Codes
600000 Safety Related Items and Employee Apparel View Class Codes
700000 Technology and Communications Equipment and Supplies View Class Codes
800000 Roadway Materials and Supplies View Class Codes
900000 Services View Class Codes