Advertised Engineering RFPs

Number Title Issuing Office Due Date
T00091 Support Services Contract for P3 Broadband project Engineering 02/15/2018
T00092 Open-End Construction Management and Inspection Services for Facility Projects Engineering Construction 02/15/2018
T00088/T00089/T00090 Open-End Engineering Design Services - Systemwide Engineering Design 01/11/2018
T00087 Open End Construction Mgt. and Inspection Services Between MP 0-247, I-376, Turnpike 576, 66, and 43 Engineering Construction 01/04/2018
T00083 Open End Construction Inspection from Milepost 247-359 and Milepost A20-A131 10/05/2017
T00011 Open End Design Services Engineering Design 06/22/2017

Awarded Engineering RFPs

Number Title Awarded To Date Awarded
T00082 Open End Construction Inspection Services Between MP 0-247, I-376, Turnpike 576, 66, and 43 TW Consultants Inc 02/06/2018
T00084 Coating Consultant Services - Systemwide KTA-Tator Inc 02/06/2018
T00085 Construction Management Services for the Mon/Fayette Expressway Expansion Projects, PA-51 to PA-837 Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc 02/06/2018
T00086 Open End Aerial Mapping Services System Wide T3 Global Strategies Inc 01/17/2018
T00081 2018 Systemwide Transportation Planning McCormick Taylor Inc 01/17/2018
T00079/T00080 Traffic Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Open End McMahon Associates Inc | WSP USA Inc 12/19/2017
3-278 Open End Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Services - Systemwide Burns Engineering Inc 12/19/2017
17-10350-7874 Fiber Optic Broadband Network Project through a Public-Private Partnership View Short-listed Proposers in RFP "Responded" List 11/21/2017
T00066/T00067/T00068 Open End Engineering Design Services P Joseph Lehman Inc Consulting Engineers | Susquehanna Civil Inc | TranSystems Corporation Consultants 11/21/2017
T00071/T00072/T00073/T00074 Design Services for New Cashless Tolling Open Road Toll (ORT) Zones Century Engineering Inc | Jacobs Engineering Group Inc | Stantec Consulting Services Inc | Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani LLC 11/21/2017
T00075 Construction Management and Inspection Services for Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction from MP 28-31 ALCM LLC 11/21/2017
T00058 Open End Traffic & Revenue Services - Systemwide CDM Smith Inc 11/07/2017
T00070 Design Services for the Cashless Tolling In-Place Conversion of Existing Toll Plaza Facilities Pennoni Associates Inc 11/07/2017
T00049 Open End Right-of-Way Acquisition Services Systemwide Keystone Acquisition Services Corporation 10/17/2017
T00077 Quality Assurance Laboratory Testing Services Systemwide GeoStructures 10/17/2017
T00078 CY 2018-19 Systemwide Biennial Bridge Inspection WSP USA Inc 10/17/2017
T00060 Open End Environmental Services - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit Skelly & Loy Inc 10/17/2017
T00063 Preliminary and Final Design of Lafayette Street Interchange KCI Technologies Inc 10/17/2017
3-279 Open End Architectural Services Contract - Systemwide Sowinski Sullivan Architects PC 10/03/2017
4-094 Design of a New Maintenance Facility - District 4 USA Architects Planners & Interior Designers 09/19/2017
T00010 Open End Desig Services - Replacement of Bridge No. B-510 Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co Inc 09/19/2017
T00069 Open End material Inspection and Testing Services - West Quality Engineering Solutions Inc 09/19/2017

Archived/Cancelled Engineering RFPs