Advertised Engineering RFPs

Number Title Issuing Office Due Date
T00098 property management services for Mon/Fayette Expressway, Rt. 51 to I-376 05/10/2018
T00099 construction management and inspection for the Delaware River Bridge and from MP A20.00 to MP A131.00 04/26/2018
T00094 replacement of Bridge NB-637 at MP A105.11 and Bridge NB-638 at MP A105.33 04/05/2018

Awarded Engineering RFPs

Number Title Awarded To Date Awarded
T00095 Open End Environmental Services for Storage Tank Management/Environmental Services Systemwide GAI Consultants Inc 06/19/2018
T00093 Construction Management and Inspection services for Cashless Tolling Facilities systemwide JBC Associates Inc 05/15/2018
T00096/T00097 Open End Environmental Services Systemwide AD Marble & Co Inc | RETTEW Associates Inc 05/15/2018
T00088/T00089/T00090 Open-End Engineering Design Services - Systemwide GAI Consultants Inc | Larson Design Group Inc | Louis Berger U.S., Inc. 05/15/2018
T00091 Support Services Contract for P3 Broadband project Gannett Fleming Inc 04/17/2018
T00092 Open-End Construction Management and Inspection Services for Facility Projects TRC Engineers Inc 04/17/2018
T00087 Open End Construction Mgt. and Inspection Services Between MP 0-247, I-376, Turnpike 576, 66, and 43 Erdman Anthony Associates Inc 04/17/2018
T00011 Open End Design Services McMahon Associates Inc 03/06/2018
T00083 Open End Construction Inspection from Milepost 247-359 and Milepost A20-A131 JBC Associates Inc 02/20/2018

Archived/Cancelled Engineering RFPs