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If you cannot locate a page from the old PA Turnpike website, check out the “Where did it go” page for information about some of the more popular pages of the site.

The new website is adaptive in design, meaning it appears differently depending on the screen size of your device. It will automatically optimize for your screen size: mobile, desktop or tablet.

Each color-coded section of the website is accessible through the large menus on the homepage, (or boxes/rectangles if using a tablet). On mobile devices, the menus are available by tapping “Show Menu” in the menu bar of your browser.

Tap/click the PA Turnpike Keystone to return to the Homepage at any time, or you may click the “Home” icon in the top menu bar.

Tapping/clicking on the circular icon for each section (at the top of each page) will bring you back to that section’s main page.

Links for Twitter and Facebook pages are available at the top of any screen – click on the Twitter logo or the Facebook logo to visit respective pages.

The site can be translated into many languages. Click the Google Translate “T” at the top of any page, and select the language.

If you have an account with us already through any of these section of the site:

  • Preferred Traveler
  • Commercial/ Overdimensional permits
  • Vendor Registration
  • Employment

Your login credentials and any saved information have not changed. If you need to update your password, you may be required to select a more complex password than you previously had.

If you require assistance, please contact the Customer Assistance Center at 800-331-3414.