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Sideling Hill Service Plaza Trailhead

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is constructing a trailhead to provide better access to this popular outdoor recreation area for our customers as well as those in the local community. The Trailhead project includes:

  • Expanded parking areas.
  • A pavilion with seating
  • Expanded green space
  • Bike repair stations
  • Bike wash station
  • Bike racks
  • Future – EV Bike Charging Stations
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Landscaping/planters
  • Additional lighting
  • Secure Walkway

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Sideling Hill Trailhead Video
Time:  3:10

Sideling Hill Trailhead Video
(Closed Captioning)
Time:  3:08

Rendering of the trailhead

All the above are located within a short walking distance to the amenities provided at Sideling Hill Service Plaza including bathrooms, meals, and drinks.

Aerial site plan of the service plaza

The Trailhead is being built to provide more parking and amenities for outdoor enthusiasts looking to visit this part of the Commonwealth and to help local municipalities increase awareness of the vast outdoor pursuits available in this region.

Rendering of the walkway from the service plaza to the trailhead

The Trailhead may service both Turnpike customers and those traveling to the trailhead from an off-Pike location. The trailhead will be constructed outside the restricted gates of the Service Plaza, allowing for easy access using a renovated walking path between the Service Plaza and the Trailhead. This walking path also allows seamless use of the Service Plaza and trailhead amenities by all visitors.

Regional trails map

This location provides access to more than 600 miles of trails within a 25-mile radius including the TOPP Trail, Buchanan State Forest, Bicycle PA Route S, and Raystown Lake.

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Sideling Hill Service Plaza

Learn more about the amenities at the Sideling Hill Service Plaza.

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