Design & Construction Details

Milepost 149-155 Project Design & Construction Details

Total Construction & Expansion Project

Project Purpose

Why is this Project Being Built and What are the Benefits?

  • This project is part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's statewide total reconstruction initiative, which entails rebuilding sections of the 75-plus-year-old Turnpike.
  • The roadway and structures have reached their intended design life and if not reconstructed, will continue to require extensive maintenance, resulting in disruptions to traffic.
  • The new roadway design meets current interstate design criteria and will provide a safer and more efficient travel experience for Turnpike customers.
  • This section is part of the original 160 mile Turnpike that was opened in 1940. Current traffic volumes and projected growth dictate widening the mainline from 4 lanes to 6 lanes.
  • In addition to the proposed improvement benefiting Turnpike customers, the adjacent communities also will receive stormwater improvements and noise mitigation.

Typical Sections

Milepost 149.5 to Milepost 155.5: Typical Sections

Roadway Plans

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Appendix G6 - Roadway Board 5_haz remo

Board 1:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Plan 01

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 2:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Plan 02

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 3:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Plan 03

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 4:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Plan 04

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 5:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Board 05

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 6:

Apendix G6 - Roadway - Board 06

Apendix G6 - Roadway

Board 7:

Apendix G7 - Ashcom Detour - Board 07

Apendix G7 - Ashcom Detour

Board 8:

Apendix G7 - Black Valley Detour - Board 08

Apendix G7 - Black Valley Detour

Board 9:

Apendix G7 - Milk and Water Detour - Board 09

Apendix G7 - Milk and Water Detour

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