Turnpike Safety

Reporting incidents with cell phone banner

Reporting incidents using cellular phones

Anyone with a cellular phone traveling the Turnpike can dial *11 (or 1-800-332-3880) to report accidents, incidents or phone for emergency assistance. Calls go directly to the Turnpike's Operations Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where Turnpike radio operators and State Police are on duty 24 hours a day, everyday. The Center dispatches appropriate emergency personnel to the scene. The *11 (and the 1-800-332-3880) number serves the entire Turnpike system.

Faster Service

To assist in obtaining faster service, the Turnpike dispatchers need your location. The milepost (markers are every tenth of a mile along the shoulder) and the direction of travel are helpful in dispatching the requested service.

The PA Turnpike’s mobile app, TRIP Talk, will also provide your location. Tap the Settings button, and then select “Emergency Numbers”. Your location will appear at the top of the screen under “Current Location Information”. Quick links to useful emergency numbers are also located on this screen.