Turnpike Safety

Vehicle breakdown banner

Authorized service garages are located in close proximity to the Turnpike, along its entire length. You can identify a Turnpike authorized service garage by the Turnpike insignia displayed prominently on the vehicles. These garages provide towing and emergency road service 24 hours a day. They are equipped with two-way radios for quick response to disabled vehicles. These garages honor MasterCard, VISA and AAA memberships.

If your vehicle breaks down

  • Move your vehicle off the roadway to a safe location. Do not attempt to hitchhike.
  • Place a white handkerchief, or any bright colored cloth, on the radio antenna or car door facing traffic. If you break down at night, turn on the headlights and hazard lights.
  • If you have a cellular phone, dial *11 to reach the Turnpike's Operations Center and request assistance.
  • Remain in your vehicle and wait for help to arrive. An authorized service garage will be dispatched to assist you, usually within 30 minutes. Turnpike authorized service garages are available for your convenience. However, if your disabled vehicle is not impeding traffic or otherwise creating a safety hazard, you have the option of using Turnpike authorized services or any garage of your choice. In any event, remember to make some arrangement for the removal of your vehicle. Unattended vehicles left along the roadway will be removed after 24 hours. Vehicles that are impeding traffic will be removed even sooner.