Travel Information

Tips and Shortcuts for Most IVR Menus

If you want to… You need to…
Go to main menu Say “main menu” or press 9
Switch regions Press or say 3 from any regional menu.
Hear a list again Say “Repeat” or press *
Skip an advisory Say “Next” or press 1
Hear available choices Say “Help” or press 0
Get information for other PA roads (not on the phone system) Visit

Calling 511

511PA is available for the system’s core network from landlines and mobile/cell phones. From anywhere within, simply dial 5-1-1 and you will be automatically routed to your current region’s 511 phone system. When calling from outside of Pennsylvania, dial 1-877-511-PENN (7366), which will allow you to select a region within Pennsylvania.

An automated voice will guide you through selections and options to receive information such as traffic conditions and transit information. It can connect you to selected airports, neighboring state 511 systems or to the PA Turnpike Roadway Information Program (TRIP) system. You can switch the calling region at any time by saying “Change Region.” 511PA now has built-in caller ID, and will remember the last section of the IVR menu you requested, and bring you directly there the next time you call. However, to prevent returning to the previous location, say “Stop” or press 1 while the transfer message is playing.

Most importantly, for your safety please do not use a hand-held device while operating a vehicle.

Voice and Touch Tone Options

The phone system understands and responds in English. While the system’s speech technology is very responsive, it may have difficulty understanding your voice selection due to a number of reasons, including background noise – particularly on speakerphones.

Voice and touch tone commands can now be used interchangeably throughout the 511PA phone system. When using touchtone options, you can get faster feedback from the system if you enter the number for your selection, followed by the pound key. At any time, you can say “Help” or press 0 to hear a list of options available to you at that point in the menu.

For your safety do not use a hand-held device while operating a vehicle.

Information Available on 511

The 511 phone system will provide options for regional traffic and travel conditions, as well as travel conditions for specific roadways. It also has information regarding public transportation, tourism, airports, other 511 systems, or the Pennsylvania Turnpike, for each region, as available.

Your selections in the system include:
Regional Overview:You can hear closures, lane restrictions, winter road conditions, and slowdown information for your selected region.
Information on a Specific Roadway:You can hear closures, lane restrictions, winter road conditions, and slowdown information for a specific roadway in the core network. For roadways that span multiple regions, alerts can be heard for the entire roadway, or just for the portion of the roadway in a selected region. For instance, you could select to hear all alerts for I-80, or you could restrict your selection to alerts on I-80 in the State College Region.
Other 511 Systems:Our neighboring states’ 511 systems offer travel information for their roadways. You can be automatically transferred to NY511, NJ511, MD511 or WV511. To access other 511 systems, select the option to change region at any point.
Pennsylvania Turnpike:The Pennsylvania Turnpike TRIP line offers detailed information regarding the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Your call can be transferred to the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s automated travel information system and toll calculator. To access the TRIP line, select the option to change region at any point.
Transit & Tourism:You can be transferred to a number of bus or shared-ride providers, Amtrak or rail-service providers, as well as airports, depending on availability within a region.
Feedback:We welcome your feedback on the system.