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Advanced traveler information systems

Turnpike Roadway Information Program

The Turnpike Roadway Information Program (TRIP) gathers information through automated data and video feeds from the Turnpike's 24/7 Traffic Operations Center, by monitoring third party speed data as well as through information from roadway crews, police, and emergency responders and delivers it to you via the Turnpike's Interactive Travel Web Map, service plaza message boards, the toll-free telephone call-in advisory system, and the automated Preferred Traveler e-mail and text message notification systems. This information is also shared with the PA 511 system ( and other third party providers.

The Turnpike's Interactive Travel Web Map delivers a quick and easy view of current conditions across all 537 miles of the Turnpike. This dynamic map features multiple live web cams, at-a glance traffic flow status, weather conditions, audio travel advisories and more.

The Preferred Traveler program allows travelers to sign up to receive traffic, weather, and construction alerts via e-mail or cell phone text messages. Alerts are customized based upon selected route and schedule.

Toll-Free Hotline: Hear up-to-date travel information by calling toll-free 866.976.TRIP (866.976.8747)

Traffic Camera

By 2018, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will have more than 70 traffic cameras at key interchanges, bridges and tunnels along the system. The traffic cameras are a valuable tool in monitoring traffic and weather conditions. Traffic cameras are controlled by the Traffic Operations Center and are shared with the public via the Turnpike's Interactive Travel Web Map, PA511 and other third party traffic providers. Traffic cameras do not archive video feeds and public views may be turned off to protect privacy concerns during incidents.

Dynamic Message Signs

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission currently operates permanent dynamic message signs at strategic locations entering and along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. These programmable signs are operational 24 hours a day and are controlled from the Commission’s Operations Control Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Future plans calls for approximately 200 permanent dynamic message signs to be located at between each interchange along the Turnpike system and at interchanges entering the system.

Portable dynamic message signs are also used throughout the Turnpike system. These portable signs are used for the same purpose as the permanently mounted message boards. The portable signs are mounted to trailers and can be transported very quickly to locations where the need arises.

The dynamic message signs have proven to be a valuable tool to forewarn travelers of potential delays due to accidents, construction activities, adverse weather conditions, and heavy traffic.

Highway Advisory Radio System

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission currently operates a Highway Advisory Radio System with transmitting sites located at various points along the Turnpike system. Located at 1640 AM on the radio dial, the Highway Advisory Radio System provides motorists with the latest, up-to-the-minute reports regarding delays, accidents, weather conditions, and other travel information on the Turnpike and on connecting state and US routes. Remote control signs equipped with special flashing lights are strategically located along the roadway and flash when motorists need to tune in their radios to receive a message relating to possible delays during construction or emergency situations. Additional Highway Advisory Radio sites are planned for other key locations, and eventually the system will be expanded to service the entire Turnpike system. The Highway Advisory Radio System operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition to the permanently mounted broadcast system, the Turnpike Commission has four portable AM broadcasting units that are utilized for special events across the Turnpike system.

Media Notification

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission notifies the media of traffic conditions on the Turnpike via fax. Fax messages are sent to traffic advisory services and radio stations, with updates as appropriate. The Commission also provides the same information to large commercial trucking firms utilizing the Turnpike.

Travel Board® InfoCenters

Travel Board® InfoCenters are located in each of the 17 service plazas located along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The travel boards feature a large illuminated map of the Turnpike and provide travelers with directions, distance, and driving times to various Pennsylvania destinations. The travel boards also provide Turnpike interchange and service plaza locations, safety information, and lodging information, along with vacancy indicator lights and a toll-free telephone. An electronic message center allows the Operations Control Center to provide instant and updated information on road conditions and construction on the Turnpike. "Road alert" indicator lights show locations of travel advisories.

Additional Travel Board® Infocenter information is available at

Alternate Routing Plans

The Turnpike Commission’s road closure procedure, "Plan X," is the method by which the Commission, in emergency situations such as multiple vehicle accidents, closes certain sections of the Turnpike and reroutes traffic around the affected sections. The Commission has established pre-approved routes for both commercial and passenger vehicles. Turnpike personnel at affected interchanges will distribute written re-routing directional cards to assist exiting customers.

A roadway closure may be warranted under the following circumstances:

  • the road blockage is expected to remain for at least an hour or more;
  • the traffic backlog from an accident is lengthy, with no immediate expectation of improved conditions; or
  • other situations which would merit road closure in the best judgment of the on-scene Commission personnel and Pennsylvania State Police