Surety Bond

Surety Bond

If you already have a surety form on file with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, you do not need to complete another.

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A surety bond is an insurance policy which guarantees that the PTC will receive payment in the event the account holder defaults on payment of its invoice. The surety form should be provided to your insurance (bonding) company to be completed. The insurance (bonding) company must use the surety bond form provided by the PTC. Any bond which is not in the proper form will be returned which may cause a delay in opening the E-ZPass account.

The surety bond must be accompanied by a properly executed Power of Attorney stating that the agent for the surety has the authority to execute the bond on behalf of the insurance (bonding) company. The signature of the surety agent must be witnessed.

If the principal is a partnership, a partner with authority to bind the partnership must sign the surety form. If the principal is a corporation, the president or vice president of the corporation must sign, and the corporate secretary or treasurer must attest to the first signature. The titles of the officers must be supplied.

All information and signatures must be provided. If not, the bond will be returned, causing delay in opening the E-ZPass account.

In addition to the surety bond, the E-ZPass Commercial Application, Terms and Conditions, and Transponder Order Form must be completed. When all forms are completed, return all documents to:

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Attn: Accts Rec - CVO
700 South Eisenhower Blvd
Middletown, PA 17057

If you have questions regarding completion of any form, please call The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (1.877.736.6727).

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