Companion Program

E-ZPass Companion Program (CVO3)

This account is for customers with existing accounts with other E-ZPass agencies that want postpaid billing and who may qualify for toll volume discounts. This option requires annual usage on the Pennsylvania Turnpike of at least $5,000,* and requires a surety bond in an amount equal to two months invoices or a minimum of $5,000*, whichever is greater. In lieu of a surety bond, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will accept a non-interest bearing certified or cashier’s check. Your E-ZPass usage on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will be invoiced monthly. This invoice is only eligible for a toll volume discount if payment is received by the 24th of each month. Discounts will not be applied to invoices on accounts with outstanding balances as of the date of the invoice. The PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center accepts checks, EFT, cash (walk-in only), or money orders for payment of invoices. Invoices cannot be paid by credit card. Invoices must be paid within 30 days to avoid interest charges and will include a monthly service fee (see E-ZPass Commercial Vehicle Addendum – Fees and Charges).