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2024 Toll Schedules

From individual roadways to full system guides, you can explore, compare and print the toll schedule rates for all of your travel needs. The following toll schedule rates are effective as of January 7, 2024.

How to Use this Schedule

1Select the page corresponding to your entry location.

2Locate your destination exit in the left-hand column of the grid.

3Scan the right along the row to find your class of vehicle. Your Toll Rate will be within the box that corresponds to your Vehicle Class.

4When no toll is displayed, then your selected exit is not valid from that location.

When using the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Turnpike Extensions, your toll may be based on number of axles, vehicle weight (class), or both. Vehicles are also classified by axle and low/high profile at a few select locations, and separate classification guides are available for those locations.

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