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Work Zone Speed Safety Cameras Will Be in Full Force This Summer

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A new construction season is here, and summer travelers can expect to see Work Zone Speed Safety Cameras deployed around the Pennsylvania Turnpike and on PennDOT highways.

These mobile camera and radar systems mounted on vehicles that are parked in work zones were part of a five-year pilot project that recently became state law, and the numbers prove it has helped make work zones safer. 

Senior Engineer Project Manager Chad Smith tells us all about it in this video:

Work Zone Speed Safety Cameras make work zones safer (

“Right now, we’re in our very busy period for Maintenance work,” Smith said. “Traffic’s picking up, we’re moving into Memorial Day and summer. We’re at a full complement of scheduling.”

That makes it all the more important to have the Turnpike’s seven cameras and PennDOT’s 10 out in full force, too. The Turnpike has been able to share some of PennDOT’s cameras, putting even more in work zones some days.

And it’s working. So far, the program has:

  • Reduced the number of speeders driving between 1 and 10 mph over the speed limit by 38% statewide,
  •  Reduced the number of speeders driving 11 mph or more above the speed limit by 47%,
  • Sent a message to motorists with 83% of the violations issued to date being first-time violators,
  • Reduced the number of crashes in work zones where cameras have been deployed anywhere from a 15 to 50%.

“It’s all about safety,” Smith said. “Safety for our workers who have their feet on the ground in our work zones every day so they can go home to their families every day.”

By Steve Marroni, PA Turnpike Communications Specialist