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Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Engineers Implementing 3D Technology

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Gone are the days of flipping through pages upon pages of blueprints – or PDF files, for that matter. The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s engineers are implementing technology that allows them to create and deliver 3D, digital models of bridges, roadways, buildings and more.

“Designers can actually see the entire structure or entire roadway system and see that in one place,” Turnpike Senior Engineer Project Manager Mark Anderson said about Digital Delivery. “That’s going to be huge in our business.”

Using a 3D computer model, engineers and anyone on a construction site can view the project from every angle and can even strip away layers of concrete on a bridge, for example, to see the rebar underneath. They can zoom in and out for every level of detail and have all the schematic information right at their fingertips. See what it’s all about and get a peek at how it works in this video:

3D digital models pave way for future of engineering projects: Reimagining the Turnpike  (

Digital Delivery is premiering as part of a bridge project on the Northeastern Extension at Milepost A83 north of Mahoning Valley.

“It’s actually our first 3D model that is a legal document,” Design Services Coordinator Butch Loncar said. “There are no traditional, PDF plans for the components you’re seeing here… We’re trying to get to a point where it’s paperless.”

Anderson added, “It will save time, save effort and keep people busy doing their jobs rather than those menial, little tasks.” 


By Steve Marroni, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Communications Specialist