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Safety Patrol Carries New Gear to Quickly Jump-Start Car Batteries

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The PA Turnpike’s Maintenance Utility Workers are carrying a new tool to help them get disabled vehicles back on the road safely and quickly.

It’s called the Jump Pack, and each Safety Patrol truck will have one of these mobile kits that can jump-start a dead car battery in seconds. It’s part of a sponsorship through Traveler’s Marketing.

“I think they’re very important to our fleet,” Director of Maintenance John DelRicci said about the new Jump Packs. “Right now, we’re providing more things for our customers out there. They are paying a toll, and it’s another thing we have in our toolbox that we can give our customers to provide safety and get them in a safe location.”

DelRicci demonstrates how the Jump Pack works in this video:

Jump Packs work like jumper cables, but instead of connecting cables from one car battery to another, the Jump Pack itself is a battery. It can be recharged through a standard outlet or with a vehicle lighter adaptor.

Each MUW vehicle is now equipped with a Jump Pack.

“I love it,” DelRicci said about the new piece of equipment. “I think it gives another piece of the puzzle of what we need to do out there, and that’s cater to our customers.”

It’s convenient, but since it gets drivers off the side of the road much faster, it’s safer for them and for Turnpike crews responding to the call, too.

“I think this is vital for our operations every day,” he added.