November 06, 2020 News Release

PA Traffic Incident Management Program Celebrates Anniversary

PennTIME programs trained 12,000 responders, lowered response times.

 (HARRISBURG, PA, JAN. 16, 2020) – The Pennsylvania Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (PennTIME) program will celebrate its third anniversary on January 19, 2020. PennTIME represents a partnership of federal, state, county and municipal agencies who have joined forces to educate both first responders and the public while developing programs to promote stronger TIM safety practices at roadway incidents in Pennsylvania. With seven responders killed nationwide in roadway struck-by incidents in the first two weeks of 2020, PennTIME and similar efforts across the country are more important than ever. Training is the cornerstone of PennTIME’s activity, and through these efforts Pennsylvania now ranks 7th nationwide in the number of responders trained.

In its first three years, PennTIME has:
Conducted 251 TIM Training classes statewide training over 6,000 emergency responders;

  • conducted 11 “Train-the-Trainer” classes to educate and prepare an additional 161 responders to become TIM instructors;

  • trained over 3,600 responders (since January 2019) through an online TIM E-Learning course;

  • helped facilitate the formation and growth of new regional TIM Task Forces throughout PA;

  • initiated an overhaul of Pennsylvania’s Unified Incident Command training curriculum;

  • facilitated development of an Automated Vehicle Incident Response Plan to promote preparedness for state agencies and responders in areas where this technology is being tested;

  • participated in the planning of the proposed Pennsylvania Safety Transportation and Research Track (PennSTART); and

  • developed a robust social media presence across multiple platforms to promote TIM.

“Combined with new tools and technologies, PennTIME is helping us improve incident-clearance time by an average of 20 minutes, reducing risks of secondary crashes,” said PA Turnpike Chief Operating Officer Craig R. Shuey. “Less time spent with closed travel lanes means less risk for firefighters, EMS, State Police, towers, highway workers and customers stopped in or approaching a backlog. As a result, both Turnpike travelers and responders are safer today because of this statewide partnership.”

PennTIME will soon unveil its official website which will provide a singular information source for all TIM-related information in Pennsylvania. Interested users will also be able to schedule TIM training classes on the website which will then be assigned to certified trainers in their area.

PennTIME meets quarterly, and the next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 29, 2020. For additional information, please contact Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Traffic Incident Management Coordinator Todd Leiss at