October 27, 2019 News Release

PA Turnpike Activates Cashless, All Electronic, Tolling at Two Local Tolling Points in Lawrence and Westmoreland Counties

Electronic tolling is now fully operational at the Gateway tolling point and PA Turnpike 66.

NEW STANTON, PA (OCT. 27, 2019) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is alerting motorists that cashless, or all electronic, tolling is now in effect at the Gateway tolling point, #2, in Lawrence County near the Ohio border, and at PA Turnpike 66 (Greensburg Bypass) in Westmoreland County. 

This means that cash and credit cards will no longer be accepted at these locations. All tolls are assessed electronically via E-ZPass or the PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE program as vehicles travel at posted speed limits through these tolling points. If the electronic tolling platform does not detect an E-ZPass transponder, high-resolution cameras will capture the vehicle’s license-plate image. Within the month, the Turnpike will issue a TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice to the car or truck’s registered owner.

The Warrendale Toll Plaza, #30, in Allegheny County, is where the PA Turnpike’s ticket system begins. Eastbound cash motorists need to stop there to pick up a ticket to continue onto the system. E-ZPass customers continue to travel as usual.

Tolling increases are now in effect at these locations, as well as the Beaver Valley Expressway. This includes both the E-ZPass and PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE programs. The toll rates in these locations will not increase again next year when the rest of the system’s new rates go into effect in January 2020.   

To view the new toll rates in these locations click here.

E-ZPass remains the most economical choice for customers that is accepted at all Turnpike tolling points. More than 82 percent of PA Turnpike travelers use E-ZPass and report high levels of customer satisfaction due to cost savings and convenience. Interested motorists can sign up for E-ZPass at ezpass.com.

For more information on cashless, or all electronic, tolling visit: nocashzone.com.

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