January 11, 2019 News Release

PA Turnpike Introduces Cashless Payment at Fulton County Toll Plazas

Ticket-Processing Machines simplify transaction for non-E-ZPass travelers.

MIDDLETOWN, PA (Jan. 11, 2019) — The PA Turnpike Commission (PTC) announced today that it has activated cashless Ticket Processing Machines (TPMs) at its Fort Littleton and Blue Mountain Interchanges (Exit 180 and 201, respectively) in Fulton County. The machines — first introduced at the Willow Hill Interchange (Exit 198) in the spring of 2015 — make it faster and easier for non-E-ZPass customers to complete a transaction.

Instead of surrendering a toll ticket, handing cash to a collector and awaiting change, non-E-ZPass customers need only to scan their toll ticket barcode into the Ticket Processing Machine (TPM), take a transaction record and move on. An image of the vehicle’s license plate will be captured as the vehicle travels through the toll plaza, and the registered owner will be mailed a TOLL BY PLATE bill for the cash toll rate within two weeks.

Non-E-ZPass motorists at these locations should retain their toll tickets and transaction records for reference purposes until they receive their TOLL BY Plate invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, customers have 20 days to pay online, over the phone or by mail. The TPMs do not accept cash; non-ZPass Customers must remember to take a ticket when entering the PA Turnpike at these three interchanges.

“After analyzing TPMs for more than three years at Willow Hill — our least-used interchange — we decided to expand to these two adjoining interchanges which also process among the lowest number of vehicles on our system,” said PA PTC CEO Mark Compton.

Exiting Traffic Comparison for Adjacent Interchanges

Interchange Name


Monthly Exiting Vehicles (November 2018)

Daily Exiting Vehicles (November 2018)

Breezewood Exit 162




Fort Littleton Exit 180




Willow Hill Exit 198




Blue Mountain Exit 201




Carlisle Exit 226





Exiting traffic is especially sparse overnight, with 10 or fewer vehicles per hour between midnight and 5 a.m. TPMs make more sense for customers and given the comparatively low traffic counts at these interchanges, round-the clock staffing was not needed.

Customers with TPM questions should contact the TOLL BY PLATE Customer Service Center at 877-736-6727, press option 3.   

Carl DeFebo, 717-831-7176
or Rosanne Placey, 717-831-7507