January 11, 2019 News Release

Pennsylvania Turnpike Seeks Private-Sector Input for Tunnel Rehabilitation

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Key to the continued mobility for of the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC), through coordination with the Office of Public-Private Partnerships(P3), today issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking private-sector feedback on design, construction, finance and maintenance for the vehicular tunnels along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

“We are looking to inject private-sector ideas and expertise into vital improvements of our five tunnels, which rank among our most critical, most recognizable assets,” said PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton. “A P3 could enable us to focus more capital dollars on rebuilding and widening our 552-mile highway system, parts of which will turn 79 years old later this year.”

The RFI, open to any member of the public, is accessible at www.p3.pa.gov and input will be accepted through 1 p.m. on Feb. 7. The information gathered through the RFI could help develop a potential future bundled tunnel rehabilitation addressing innovative and efficient solutions to modernize improvements and accelerate tunnel-system upgrades.

The RFI aims to collect input on how the PTC could bundle and assemble a P3 project opportunity with the private sector to upgrade and modernize the tunnels while maintaining critical traffic operations.

Examples of questions and themes included in the RFI are:

  • Identify and describe means and methods to stage the work contemplated for a bundled tunnel rehabilitation project to accommodate improvements and allow daily operable conditions to open tunnel to traffic.
  • What are the typical expected life-cycles of new tunnel structural features and systems for rehabilitative work such as lighting, tunnel ventilation, water control, arch walls and ceiling improvements?
  • Describe the private financing mechanisms and structures available to deliver the requisite funding for a bundled tunnel rehabilitation project? Is there a preferred finance structure?

Under the provisions of Public-Private Transportation Partnerships Act, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other public entities can enter into agreements with the private sector to participate in the delivery, maintenance, and financing of transportation related projects.

“Innovation is a key pillar in our work at the PA Turnpike, and innovative procurement methods hold promise for benefits to our travelers as well as potential business partners,” Compton added. “I thank the PennDOT P3 office for assisting us on this critical project.”

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