E-ZPass Gift Certificates

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E-ZPass gift certificates are now available for the PA Turnpike's E-ZPass program.

E-ZPass gift certificates can be used to open a new E-ZPass account or to add value to the pre-paid balance of an existing E-ZPass account. E-ZPass gift certificates can be purchased in amounts from $38 - the minimum required to open a new account - to $100.

E-ZPass gift certificates can be purchased by calling the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1-877-736-6727 and following the prompts to speak with an E-ZPass Customer Service Center Representative. You will receive the gift certificate in the mail.

Please note: PA Turnpike E-ZPass gift certificates may only be applied to new or existing Pennsylvania Turnpike E-ZPass accounts. They are not valid for use with other E-ZPass affiliates, agencies or accounts.