Annual Order Schedule

Annual Order Schedule

The Commission will solicit bid proposals for selected commodities during the months as shown. The Next Bid Year indicates the year that all extension options on current contracts expire. If the Commission chooses not to exercise an option to renew, bid solicitations may occur prior to that year.

Bid Proposal Forms and Conditions may be obtained, free of charge, by communicating with the Purchasing Bid Clerk, 717-939-9551, extension 2880, or via e-mail to Please make your request no later than the 15th day of the month preceding the month shown for the solicitation. Please refer to the Contract Description.

Please note: Bid proposal Forms and Conditions are not available in electronic form and will only be sent out through the mail. Please include company name and address in any communication or request.

Month Contract Description Next Bid Year Buyer (Click here for Buyers List)
FebruaryJob Order Contracts - GENERAL2021Karen Ruch
 Job Order Contracts - ELECTRICAL2021Karen Ruch
 Job Order Contracts - HVAC2021Karen Ruch
 Job Order Contracts - PLUMBING2021Karen Ruch
March Uniform Rental - Arc Flash 2020 Karen Ruch
  Rainwear-Foul Weather Gear 2021 Wayne Burke
  First Aid Cabinet Replenishment Service 2021 Wayne Burke
April Cold Patch, bagged 2022 Wayne Burke
  Window Cleaning - CAB 2022 Wayne Burke
  Batteries, Dry Cell 2021 Karen Ruch
  Calcium Chloride, Liquid 2021 Karen Ruch
  Sodium Chloride 2023 Karen Ruch
  Calcium Chloride, Flaked 2021 Karen Ruch
  Oil/Water Separator Service 2023 Karen Ruch
  Concrete Cleaner 2022 Wayne Burke
  Safety Flares/Fuses 2021 Wayne Burke
May Paper, Copier 2021 Karen Ruch
  Wiping Rags 2022 Wayne Burke
  Bituminous Material 2023 Wayne Burke
  Aggregates 2021 Wayne Burke
June Propane - Tower Sites Supplies & Maintenance 2023 Karen Ruch
  Batteries, Auto 2023 Karen Ruch
July Janitorial Supplies 2021 Karen Ruch
  Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance and Repairs 2021 Wayne Burke
  Gasoline, Unleaded & Ethanol 2021 Karen Ruch
  Promotional Items & Corporate Apparel 2022 Karen Ruch
  Motor Oil, Grease, & Lubricants 2020 Wayne Burke
  Facilities Repair Contracts - GENERAL 2023 Karen Ruch
  Facilities Repair Contracts - ELECTRICAL 2023 Karen Ruch
  Facilities Repair Contracts - LANDSCAPING 2023 Karen Ruch
  Facilities Repair Contracts - MECHANICAL 2023 Karen Ruch
  Facilities Repair Contracts - PLUMBING 2023 Karen Ruch
  Facilities Repair Contracts - ROOFING 2023 Karen Ruch
  Sealant, Asphalt 2020 Wayne Burke
  Plow Blades & Hardware 2021 Wayne Burke
  Cleaners and Protectors 2021 Wayne Burke
August Pest Control Service 2020 Karen Ruch
  Office Supply 2022 Karen Ruch
  Waste Oil / Antifreeze-Oil Filter Recycling 2021 Karen Ruch
  Bottled Water
2022 Karen Ruch
  Septic Tank Cleaning 2021 Wayne Burke
  Paint and Supply 2021 Wayne Burke
  Filters, Automotive and Equipment 2021 Wayne Burke
  Steel Drums 2021 Wayne Burke
September Fire Extinguisher Purchase & Recharge Service
2024 Karen Ruch
  Lamps & Tubes 2021 Wayne Burke
October Spreader Parts 2020 Wayne Burke
  Diesel,  B5 & ULSD-dyed 2021 Karen Ruch
  Gas Detection System Maintenance 2022 Karen Ruch
  Mower Parts 2021 Wayne Burke
  Delineation 2022 Wayne Burke
  Case Equipment Parts 2022 Wayne Burke
November Safety Supplies/Work Gloves 2021 Wayne Burke
  Trash Removal 2020 Karen Ruch
December Flags, US-State-POW 2021 Wayne Burke
  Uniforms 2022 Karen Ruch