The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is exploring the possibility of entering into a public-private partnership (P3) with a developer to design, build, finance and maintain a fiber optic infrastructure broadband network within PTC’s right-of-way, for the benefit of PTC and its users, as well as for the benefit of the developer and its customers.

The fiber optic network is envisioned to span the majority of the PTC system. The broadband network will consist of fiber optic cables, conduits, junction boxes, splice enclosures, and related appurtenances, all of which will be separately designated for the use of the PTC and the developer. Following construction of the fiber optic infrastructure, PTC will operate and monitor its fiber optic network and the developer will be responsible for limited maintenance. Based on input received from the industry, the previously required ubiquitous wireless mesh network and upgrades to the land mobile radio system are no longer part of this project.

In addition to developing the infrastructure and providing the services to meet PTC’s needs, it is anticipated that the developer will be able to use, market and/or lease capacity on the network for commercial purposes and, if needed, make additional capital investments required to support the commercial opportunity. PTC currently envisages a 30 year partnership.

The developer will be required to have the capacity to finance the project, however PTC anticipates making funds available to cover a portion of project costs. The amount and timing of PTC’s payments will depend on various factors including the availability of funds, anticipated reduction in future communications costs, and the need for a subsidy from a project feasibility perspective. The cost savings from the project are estimated to total $250 - $300 million (2017 dollars) over a 30-year operating period and it is anticipated that the amount of a direct contribution would not exceed the amount of cost savings.

PTC has issued a Project Information Memorandum (PIM), which provides further details regarding the project. The PIM can be downloaded at the link below.

Industry participants that have undertaken projects of a similar or greater scale, or have the capability to do so, are encouraged to email the PTC at to provide feedback or request a follow up phone call. The feedback will assist PTC in finalizing the project scope and structure prior to the release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), expected to be issued in July 2017. Please provide any such input by June 2, 2017 so that it may be considered in the development of the RFQ.

Click here for the Preliminary Information Memorandum (PIM).


On May 31, 2016, Pennsylvania’s Public-Private Transportation Partnership Board approved the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s proposal to pursue a public-private partnership (P3) agreement with a private entity to install a fiber optic network within its right-of-way. The network will accommodate the Commission’s existing and future data communication needs and will allow the private entity to generate revenue from third party broadband customers. One development entity will be responsible to design, build, finance and maintain the fiber optic infrastructure. The network will provide connectivity for the Commission’s administrative buildings, tolling systems, intelligent transportation systems, and connected and autonomous vehicle applications.

The P3 option is being utilized because it is expected to result in cost savings to the Commission as a result of the private sector’s ability to generate revenue from the project by marketing communications services to third parties.

Questions from interested parties should be directed to the project email account:


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission hosted an Industry Forum to present its Broadband Public-Private Partnership (P3) project and receive input from the industry. The Forum was held on January 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM at the Best Western Premier, 800 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17111. The purpose of the Industry Forum was to solicit feedback from the broadband industry prior to the Commission’s development of a Request for Qualifications.

The Commission also honored requests for individual meetings on January 18th and 19th to receive direct feedback from organizations (firms or consortia) that have undertaken projects of similar or greater scale or have the capability to do so.

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