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Number: T00001
Title: Coating Consultant Services - Systemwide
Date Added: April 07, 2015
Description: An engineering firm or certified laboratory specializing in protective coatings to provide open-end construction coating inspection services, paint sampling and laboratory analysis, and consultation for various projects statewide on the Pennsylvania Turnpike System. The types of projects to be inspected under this agreement may include, but are not limited to: existing steel bridges, water tanks, radio towers, sign structures, and field applications of coatings to shop primed steel. Other tasks that may be assigned include: review of new coating and paint removal products, recommendation of coating selection, review workers health and safety plans, environmental monitoring of field operations, specification preparation, existing steel corrosion surveys, cost effective paint maintenance strategy development, forensic premature coating failure analysis, and chemical content analysis of existing steel coatings. The firm will be required to provide technical expertise in all aspects of coating management. The selected firm will be required to provide fulltime on-site construction inspection personnel to assist our staff with structure painting projects. Inspectors will be assigned on an as-needed basis.
Due Date: February 12, 2015
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