Before You Hit the Road

Before you hit the road for your travels, learn more about your payment options on the PA Turnpike and how to prepare for your trip.

All-Electronic Tolling

  • In June 2020, the PA Turnpike officially switched to an All-Electronic Tolling system, meaning there will be no return to cash collections.
  • Customers now continue to move through the lanes at posted speeds without stopping while entering and exiting the system. Tolls are assessed via E-ZPass, or a PA Turnpike Toll By Plate invoice is sent in the mail. Pre-register for Toll By Plate by opening an account today.
  • Learn more at
  • The next iteration, Open Road Tolling, is coming soon. Find out more about this cashless, free-flowing mode of collecting tolls here: 

PA Toll Pay App

iPhone screen with PA Toll Pay App icon
  • The PA Turnpike E-ZPass smartphone app has officially been upgraded to "PA Toll Pay." In addition to E-ZPass account management, Toll By Plate customers can now use the smartphone app to:
    • Pay your Toll By Plate invoice.
    • Manage your Toll By Plate account.
    • Sign up for AutoPay and receive a 15% discount on your Toll By Plate tolls.
  • Download the app from the Apple or Google Play store today.

Toll By Plate

Digital matrix sign reading "Keep moving at plaza. We bill you."
  • PA Turnpike Toll By Plate is a license plate tolling system and is how non-E-ZPass customers are billed. Cameras mounted overhead on Toll Points capture a vehicle’s license plate as it proceeds through at posted speed, and an invoice is mailed to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Customers who receive a Toll By Plate invoice will be charged the “cash” toll rate. However, at the time of payment, they have the option to open an E-ZPass account to receive the discounted rate.
  • After receiving an invoice in the mail, customers have 20 days to pay their invoice before a second is issued.
  • Payment options with Toll By Plate are:
    • Mail payment through a check or money order using provided envelope
    • Pay online at
    • By phone, contact the Commission’s Customer Service Center at 1-877-736-6727
    • Convert your Toll By Plate invoice to E-ZPass for instant savings online or by phone.
  • View a sample Toll By Plate invoice.
  • Learn more about Toll By Plate.


Woman holding E-ZPass transponder
  • E-ZPass is your more convenient option for traveling the PA Turnpike. E-ZPass customers save nearly 60 percent*, compared to non-tagholders, and are billed via automatic withdrawals from their account.
  • It is important for E-ZPass customers to correctly mount their transponders by:
    • Using clear mounting strips, which can be provided by E-ZPass
    • Positioning the transponder on the inside of your windshield, behind the rearview mirror and below any tinting
    • Placing your transponder with logo upright and facing you
  • Learn more about mounting your transponder, how E-ZPass works, managing your account, and more with the E-ZPass user manual.
  • Become an E-ZPass customer today. Sign up now.
  • *Passenger vehicles with E-ZPass save anywhere from 43% to 59%.

Rental Vehicles

Row of parked rental cars
  • Customers with rental vehicles should check with the rental company about their policy with regards to travel on toll roads. Each rental company may have a unique process for handling tolls incurred with a rental vehicle.
  • Some rental companies may provide an E-ZPass transponder, or customers may also choose to use their own personal E-ZPass in a rental vehicle. To add the rental vehicle to your personal account, login on the website or app and provide the start and end dates you plan to use it.
  • If you do not have an E-ZPass, the registered vehicle owner (the rental company) will receive the Toll By Plate invoice for the tolls and then process according to your customer agreement and their policies. For these reasons, it is important for rental vehicle customers to talk to the rental vehicle agency and fully understand rental agreements before driving on toll roads.
  • Find rental vehicle FAQs here.

Traveling in an RV

Recreational Vehicle traveling on the PA Turnpike
  • Taking a family vacation in a Recreational Vehicle? Here is some helpful information for how to travel the PA Turnpike in your RV:
    • RV dumping stations are available at the Sideling Hill, Allentown, Lawn and Valley Forge service plazas. A fee is charged for use of these stations.
    • RVs are permitted to travel through the tunnels with propane tanks, turned off, up to a max of 119 lbs.
    • RVs may rest over night at service plazas. However, please be advised that you will be charged the full fare of the PA Turnpike if your exit time is greater than 72 hours after entry.
    • E-ZPass is accommodating for all types of vehicles, even RVs. If your RV weighs more than 15,000 lbs. then you’re required to open a MOTORH E-ZPass account.

Toll Calculator

  • Not sure how much a toll will cost? Check the price of your upcoming trip on our website’s toll calculator.