On Our Roadway


Mile marker sign
  • Milepost markers, also just known as mileposts, can be very useful tools for motorists. Located every 10th of a mile, a milepost indicates your exact location. At the beginning of a mile, a milepost will also include the direction and interstate number that you are traveling on.
  • If you need assistance, be aware of the milepost marker nearest to you to let responders know of your location.

Maps and References

Woman reading a paper map
  • There are lots of helpful maps and references to assist you with your next trip on the PA Turnpike:
    • If you would prefer a printable map of the PA Turnpike system, please click here.
    • Here's an informative listing of PA Turnpike System interchanges.
    • Please click here for a listing of service plaza locations and available amenities.
    • Find more PA Turnpike maps and references here.

Pennsylvania's Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement

ACTIVE - Speed Limit - Photo Enforced
  • When traveling through a work zone on a PA highway, you may encounter a sign that states that your speed limit is enforced by camera. This is part of the statewide Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement (AWZSE) program.
  • In work zones with an AWZSE, electronic speed timing devices are detecting and recording vehicles exceeding work zone posted speed limits by 11 mph or more. Violators receive a warning on a first offense and fines for any follow offenses.
  • Learn more about the program at www.workzonecameras.penndot.gov