Fuel & Fun

Service Plazas

  • There are 17 service plazas located along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The plazas are open 24 hours a day and offer a variety of fast food options, fuel, restrooms and other amenities. *
  • There are seasonal outdoor Farmers Markets located at the New Stanton, Allentown, and Sideling Hill Service Plazas. From early spring to late fall, Turnpike travelers enjoy shopping at these markets which carry Pennsylvania farm products.
  • *In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PA Turnpike is taking all possible precautions to protect the health of our customers and our employees. We are asking for our customers’ patience with any inconvenience these measures may create. Before traveling, please check to see what amenities will be available at the plazas along your trip.

Printable Coloring Pages of the Keystone Family

  • Make your road trip more colorful with coloring pages of the Keystone Family! Click each family member’s link below to print out their coloring page:
    • Allie Gheny - The daughter of the family, she is named for our famous Allegheny Mountain Tunnel.
    • Call Boxer - While call boxes are no longer on the PA Turnpike, the family’s pup is still a fun addition to your road trip.
    • Kitty Tinny - The family kitty is named for the Kittatinny Mountain Tunnel, which is now bypassed.
    • Miles Post - The son of the family reminds you that milepost markers are useful tool while traveling the Turnpike
    • Penny Pike - Mom is named for the beautiful state our Turnpike resides in, Pennsylvania.
    • Turnpike Mike - Dad is named after our 552-mile system that connects east to west.
    • Whole Family - Color in the whole family as the drive through the Kittatinny Mountain Tunnel.

Have Some Fun with a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt!

  • Turn your PA Turnpike road trip into a fun scavenger hunt for the whole family. How many of the following can you spot along our roadway? Try to beat your score on the way back.
    • A car with a license plate that is from outside Pennsylvania
    • A PA Turnpike orange truck
    • A bridge that you drive under
    • A Pennsylvania State Police car
    • A white and red truck that says State Farm on the side
    • Any Pennsylvania keystone (look carefully when passing a bridge)
    • A sign that has a picture of a phone and *11
    • Any sign that is purple and says E-ZPass
    • A barn, give yourself +2 points if there are animals grazing
    • If you travel through a tunnel add +2 points to your score