Plan Your Trip & Tolls

  1. YesE-ZPass graphic
    NoMoney graphic

    The Pennsylvania Turnpike is now an All-Electronic Tolling system, meaning there is no cash collection.
    Customers that formerly used cash to pay their tolls are now billed through a TOLL BY PLATE invoice.

  2. Class 1(Passenger Vehicles)
    Class 27,001-15,000 lbs.
    Class 315,001- 19,000 lbs.
    Class 419,001-30,000 lbs.
    Class 530,001- 45,000 lbs.
    Class 645,001-62,000 lbs.
    Class 762,001-80,000 lbs.
    Class 880,001-100,000 lbs.
    Class 9100,001 lbs. & over
  3. 2L2 type graphic2 axle, low profile
    3L3 type graphic3 axle, low profile
    4L4 type graphic4 axle, low profile
    5L5 type graphic5 axle, low profile
    6L6 type graphic6 axle, low profile
    2H7 type graphic2 axle, high profile
    3H8 type graphic3 axle, high profile
    4H8 type graphic4 axle, high profile
    5H8 type graphic5 axle, high profile
    6H8 type graphic6 axle, high profile
    7H8 type graphic7 axle, high profile