Six committees work within the structure of PennTIME to advance TIM initiatives in Pennsylvania. While these groups often work independently, there are often opportunities for collaboration when multiple committees share similar interests and goals. Additionally, targeted subcommittees may be created as needed to achieve specific tasks and operational goals.

  • training Logo
    The objective of the Training Committee is to promote and coordinate the delivery of TIM training to emergency responders from all disciplines including Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Towing. This committee is also tasked with identifying continuing education opportunities for trainers, and developing plans for the expansion of training into nonā€traditional TIM disciplines.
  • Technology Logo
    The Technology Committee establishes and implements efficient use of technology to enhance TIM in Pennsylvania. Specific task areas for this committee include such initiatives as CAD integration in the TMC environment, interoperable radio communications, and techniques for leveraging "big data" for improvements to traffic incident detection and management.
  • Public Outreach Logo
    Public Education and Outreach
    The Public Education and Outreach Committee's objective is to development and implement strategies aimed at promoting TIM awareness and educational information to the public. Other areas within this committee include media relations and content development for the PennTIME website.
  • Legislative Icon
    Legislative Affairs
    The objective of the Legislative Affairs Committee is to review transportation legislation related to TIM, and develop consensus within the statewide TIM community for recommendations that can be presented to elected officials for consideration.
  • TIM Task Force Logo
    TIM Task Force Development
    The objective of the TIM Task Force Development Committee is to foster the growth of existing TIM Task Force groups in Pennsylvania, and assist with the development of new Task Force groups in regions in need of formalized TIM programs.
  • TIM Task Force Logo
    Towing & Recovery
    The Towing and Recovery Committee's primary objective is to review and improve statewide towing regulations, practices, and procedures while promoting safe, quick clearance of incident scenes. This committee shall coordinate liaison services with other PennTIME committees as needed to ensure consistency with other PennTIME intiatives and programs.